I’m Fine, Sort of

I had to get off twitter because I felt like I was just mainlining anger and I was starting to worry that it might affect my mental and physical health. I’ve gotten off twitter before, but I’ve never deleted my account. Time to quit cold turkey.

The Joe Rogan thing kind of broke me. I had always suspected that a lot of Bernie’s base was very…gamergatey…but I always wanted to be wrong about that! Because if I were wrong that means holding my nose and voting for Bernie was at least safe. But if he’s lauded lauded by fascist and and fascist-curious people, as I said, I’d rather take my chances with at the fascist I know rather than the one I don’t. I’M SCARED.

When the primary began I was psyched. Warren was the first person to really get me excited, but I would have happily voted for Harris or Castro or Inslee or Gillibrand. I kind of felt like it was a no-lose situation for me, and now all I see is lose. Biden, Bernie and Buttigieg have just fucked this primary 6 ways to Sunday and I’m just completely deflated. I have ZERO interest in any of these jars of mayonnaise.

So, anyway, that’s where I am. I just need to stop hanging around the ANGER MACHINE and do something more positive and productive with my life.

Y’all know where to find me so I hope I see you around!

10 thoughts on “I’m Fine, Sort of

  1. Sorry to see you leave Twitter because selfishly, it was easy for me to follow you and I find you and your artwork super-interesting. However, I’m really glad you’re still accessible and putting it out there, albeit on a different platform. You’re also making me think about whether I should do the same — dialing down my anger response and blood pressure will probably keep me around longer. Anyway, see you around! Best wishes to you for taking good care of yourself and may God bless us everyone. Whether They exist or not, we’re going to need all the help we can get for Nov 2020.

  2. Trying this again. Like you I’m deeply frustrated with how the 14 month primary is leaving qualified candidates to wither on the vine in favor of same white men varieties. And like you the Hellsite is spiking my blood pressure. Engage in self care and make great art. We need you.

  3. Sorry that Twitter has lost your insights and humor.

    On the Bernie issue — I’ll still, if it turns out that he’s the Democratic Party nominee, vote for him. The problems with the devil we know are immense and fatal: Trump and his cronies are toxic beyond our borders. Bernie at least has some recognition that appointments to critical positions require depth of knowledge, training, and experience beyond being lobbyists for the industries to be regulated. Bernie’s selection of judges for federal positions will have lifetime consequences; Trump’s do, too, but I’d rather not see any more of his back bench backwater hacks passing judgment.

    Thanks for linking to this site. I read your posts on LGM (where I first discovered you) and enjoy your art. I regret that I never got to connect with you in real time when we were both in Oklahoma.

    I miss your tweets already. Love to you and your wonderful family.

    • At the moment there is no nominee and until the primaries reach VS it’s a bit off. So my humble advice is to make some time for yourself and issues closer to home. If the opportunity arises to do something constructive and support some politician you like and maybe new and promising do so. But the most important thing here is to get some distance from the whole toxic primary for a moment if you can.Take care VS.

  4. Well, I don’t like the feeling that you were driven off. But I’ll be glad of the opportunity to spend more time here. In a lot of ways blogs are a more civilized format.

  5. Gotta take those Mental Health breaks now and then. I still think Warren has a shot at this, I blame the media for not taking women seriously as candidates, but I sure hope the primary voters can see beyond media sexism.

  6. Wow, then you must be really upset now. I mean, all your “Trump scandals” turned out to be literally HRC lies, you had Comey’s loveletter memos to himself, Mueller’s nothing burger, Shampeachment and Son Of Shampeachment… not to mention an election that was beyond sketchy! Then, you drove a president out of office and forced Bo Jiden upon us – who is literally everything you *imagined* Trump was; right down to the little girls, the massive corruption, and the cognitive failure. (Remember when you all demanded Trump take the cognitive test, and then didn’t believe the results? Good times. Now have Joe take it.) It’s Biden that’s almost causing WW3, and has lost the respect of the world… and it’s all the policies that you demanded and fought for that have destroyed our country. You really need to reflect on your track record

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