Nobody Has Agency

You hate to see this helpless angel get sucked in, no?

I can’t seem to write in anything other than twitter form these days. You are forewarned.

I’m troubled by the narrative that (mostly middle-class to well-heeled) white people are helpless to the pull of whatever form of white supremacy is most dominant at the moment. I resent the implication that white people are victims of reactionary movements instead of architects of and participants in them.

Nobody straps white people down and pries their eyes open Clockwork-style and forces them to watch Tucker Carlson. Nobody forced young misogynists to become gamergaters. And nobody is forcing people to become part of the fan fiction-based cult, Q Anon.

To be clear, being a part of Q Anon is not about staying up late at night, paralyzed by the fear that Hillary Clinton is enjoying a snack of kid-face and a snifter of adrenochrome. Q Anon is fan fiction. It takes a script about a criminal, probably-illegitimate, bumbling, moron president and flips it to make him a sekrit superhero.

In the real world Trump is a corrupt, illiterate fascist. It Q world, he’s a hero, who’s fighting corruption.

Q Anon was a fiction written to combat the very clear fact Trump is a boob. And people believe that because the truth is too uncomfortable to bear. It *really* is as simple as that, and people who give cover to that way of thinking are doing this country an INCREDIBLE disservice.

There are people across the political spectrum who continue to act as if reactionary white people have no agency. I see you assholes, and I hate you.

One thought on “Nobody Has Agency

  1. Fred Clark (always a great read) talks about how QAnon isn’t an exercise in belief, but in LARPing as a believer:

    Concluding graf:
    Ultimately, it’s pointless to attempt to identify any correspondence between what such people “really believe” and how they really live and act. They have severed any such potential connection by attempting the impossibility of choosing their flattering fantasies over what they can never escape knowing to be reality. They have made themselves, really, unbelievable.

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