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I'm trying to get Evan a job as Cheerios' new spokesman

I’m trying to get Evan a job as Cheerios’ new spokesman

I’ve talked before about how much I hate wasting food, and I briefly mentioned how much I looooove roasting things as a way to preserve food that’s starting to wilt or look “iffy.” Well, let me mention it again: I LOVE roasting things.

I had some apples that were going mealy and some garlic that was about to sprout. Solution? Roast them on same sheet pan, until the garlic is golden mush and the apples were, well, kinda the same. I put the whole shebang in storage containers, and a few days later, I made this!:

Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Roasted Apple Roasted Garlic Gravy

[From my Facebook page] Anyway what I did was fry up some bacon, drain and chop it up. I browned the chops in the rendered fat, then set them aside. Then I added this huge head of escarole (which I would prolly not use again…it was a little bitter…I’d prolly use spinach or kale). I let it wilt, then removed it and set it aside. I added more oil to the pan, & I sauteed some onions, the roasted apples and garlic. Then I made a gravy—added a little flour to the pan, then stirred in some chicken broth and white wine. I popped the chops back into the mix, along with their juices and some fresh sage and thyme, and let them cook through.

To serve, I made a mound of mashed potatoes (I’d made because I had several Yukon Golds that were about to go bad) on a plate, topped with the wilted greens, then the chops with apple onion gravy, then the chopped bacon.

Important roasting update for smartass commenters

Seriously. Roast things.

This One’s for the Ladies

A few days ago I did not get around to answering a couple of comments. I’ll answer them now!

In a previous food-related entry where I discussed cooking for people with different food needs/wants, bbkf said this:

I know if i made a light soup or salad for supper, hubbkf would be aghast and rummaging in the cupboards about a half an hour after eating because he tends to not eat during the day and is ravenous by evening…also, he’s one of those a-holish people who can eat all the junk food they want and not gain weight…so, if i do make something on the lighter side, i make sure there’s bread and other things to fill it out…

the thing i find most difficult about cooking for hubbkf is gauging his satisfaction: i mostly get ‘it was alright’…’pretty good’ is high praise with ‘i didn’t care for that’ as being the worst…although one time i made a meatloaf that was so bad that he quietly fed his piece to the dog…who wouldn’t eat it either…

This sounds so eerily similar to my situation, I’m frankly a little freaked out. The whole thing. Especially the part about gauging satisfaction. I get “It’s delicious.” for everything. Now, I know that not everything I make is delicious so that, of course, has no meaning for me. Lately hubby’s been getting “better” about this. It’s pretty easy to coax a “I wasn’t crazy about it.” from him. Soooooooooooooo Yay(?) for me?

oh, hai! i am feeling especially blabby today! here’s a couple of recipes/sites i have had much hubbkf related success with: pork tacos and a racheal ray soup recipe of all things…not a fan at all of racheal’s teevee stuff, but i get her mag and i must say any recipe i have tried from them has never failed…go figure…

I’ve had every outcome you can imagine trying Rachel Ray recipes. Can’t remember a time I actually completed a recipe in 30 minutes, so I have to call bullshit on that, but I think she’s actually pretty great at writing recipes for home cooks that are healthy (they’re well-balanced and don’t use a lot of–if any–processed ingredients), yummy, have a hint of sophistication and are eminently doable. And actually I find that the more of her recipes I try, the more the success rate goes up. I know she’s not considered, like, a hoity-toity foodie-type, but I genuinely think she’s onto something with her formula…so I’m sticking with her.

Rachel’s must-try soup? Her Sausage and Peppers Stoup. It’s almost indescribably delicious.

wiley asks:

Do you make Lord Chubbington’s (he’s growing out of that name, hey?) baby food?

I do not. LC is very sensitive to textures. He hates “in-between” textures. So a food either needs to be toothsome or crispy or completely smoothly blended. It’s very hard for me process my food to the consistency he likes, and when I’ve tried he has disliked it intensely. He also does not seem to like things like fresh fruit and veggie slices. He is, however, learning to like things like little ham cubes, and he he ate some of my turkey chili on pasta and turkey bolognese, so he *is* branching out.

I am always open to suggestions re: toddler food.


Whiskey. Toddlers. Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together, Except the Goddamn NANNY STATE GOVERMENT WON’T LET ME

You may recall a not-at-all-whiny post awhile back about my adventures designing stuff for The Notorious L.G.M.  It went…interestingly. But to quote to the bard, Eddie Murphy:

I think this flask of whiskey looks damn fine

There’s something I can do about the cartoonish appearance of the characters in my art. There’s nothing I can do about how cartoonishly cute my son is. And it’s a good thing he’s cute, because he is one buttload of work.

slidebaby snowbaby whattasmile

I need some whiskey.

Suck It, Olan Mills!


1.) Take one smarm-peddler

2.) Add rocking chair, pumpkins, and dead leaves

3.) Sprinkle liberally with adorable toddler

4.) Take photos that would make Norman Rockwell say “Now THAT’S wholesome Americana!” and then make him barf. WITH JEALOUSY.
Make smarmy, smarmy magic memories that will last a lifetime.