Mansplainers and Novelty Girls and Trolls–Oh My!

This LGM thread got predictably and amusingly out-of-control. See if you can spot the mansplainers, novelty girls and trolls. Fun for the whole family!

My take? I read Adria’s account and found her case fairly compelling. Earlier that very day, she’d had an encounter with a man making a n (undeniably, inexcusable) sexually-charged crack. By the time the jokers behind her started making their dick jokes,  it’s clear she’d had it with the dudebro tenor of the conference, and decided to do something about it. It’s understandable, at least to me.

That being said, I find the firings fairly appalling. None of these offenses strike me as fireable offenses…at all. I’m sorry the one dudebro lost his job. That sucks ass, and I wish him well.


This Elf Won’t Stay on the Shelf

First off, I think I should begin by admitting that I got some Himilayan Pink Salt for for Christmas. I didn’t ask for it, but I’m not going to pretend I’m sad about it. This is rich with not just flavor but comic potential.

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce. It’s called having holidays/toddler/pets/inlaws. I look forward to catching up with you all! In the meantime, here’s a naughty elf…

cribrebellion cutietable wordself xmassweater

Liberals, You are Not Warring Hard Enough


(You should read the following with a Ken Burns film-esque soundtrack playing in your head. And somehow make everything sepia-toned.)

My Dearest Love,

I write to you with the gravest of news. The War on Christmas continues, but I fear our side makes no inroads. The fearsome warriors of Fox and Friends and their mighty general, Billo the Blowhard, prove too strong a foe.

Darling, you know this weighs on me more heavily than most, as I am atheist. And, so, it is with an ailing heart that I inform you of this grim chapter in our righteous fight.

Last night, I awoke to find the house festooned with evergreens, gayly-colored balls, queer, tiny lights and garishly-wrapped gifts. There appeared to be at least one stocking hanging from the mantle. And it had clearly been hung with care. It was hideous sight, and I confess I felt a bit ill upon seeing it. Who had unleashed this Merry Mayhem? I searched for a culprit. Only to find she stared back at me from the mirror–it was I! Oh, the horror! It seems I had become manic with some sort of cheer…some sort of Christmas-induced spirit, and I had committed these atrocities myself.

War truly is Hell. Still, I fight on, my love.

Warm Regards,

Your Anti-Christmas Valkyrie

Wherein I Indulge in Sickening Consumerist Speculation

Hubby came home from shopping looking very smug this weekend. Ignored my list. (Which had stuff like cookbooks and Snowbabies on it.) In the email account this morning, I find four Best Buy receipt emails. (Which I do not open, ‘cuz I’m not a dick.) He also told me how his debit card was rejected at one of the stores, due to spending limit security issue.

I do some brilliant, detective-like deducing.

Best Buy=Electronics heaven

Debit card issues=I imagine a decent amount of money was spent

I have no choice but to assume that I am getting an android-butler for Christmas. Sweet!



BTW, if any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, my very own Michael Fassbender would not go unappreciated.

My Review of DEAN & DELUCA Brownie & Blondie Assortment

Originally submitted at Dean & DeLuca

Gooey and extravagantly rich, this heavenly combo graces the counters of our SoHo store, much to our customers' delight. The dense, fudgy, chocolaty Brownies are heavily infused with fine French Valrhona chocolate, while the Blondies, with their chewy texture and butter-toffee flavor, are laced…


By Dr.KennethNoisewater from Jamestown, RI on 11/22/2012


1out of 5

Pros: Well Packaged

Cons: Poor Texture, Lacks Flavor

When you add the shipping to the initial cost, you end up paying a not inconsiderable amount for fairly lousy brownies. Unbelievable.

When I think of my spice rack from D&D, which is poorly-made, I begin to think that this company just packages rather cheap things in very clever wrapping. I won’t be shopping here anymore.


I read much of that long clusterfuck of…

I read much of that long clusterfuck of a thread at LGM about Ralph Nader (who–I’ll say up front–I have come to loathe).

I’ve always appreciated the fact that Obama has a chorus of naysayers incessantly coming at him from the left. Frankly, he needs that. Until we get a truly full-throatedly liberal president in office, all our presidents will NEED THAT.

But when does useful needling from the left turn into kooky talk? I mean, I’m sorry, but Obama’s the best we’ve fucking got right now. He’s FAR from perfect, but he’s the best we’ve got. Jill Stein will not be our next president. Ralph Nader will not be our next president. Gary Johnson will not be our next president. So WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? Well, I’ll tell you what I am going to do, I’m going to vote for Obama unapologetically. Because letting Romney get into the White House is unthinkable to me. I’d sooner move to Planet Hotpokersupthebumstein.

You may have noticed the look of my…

You may have noticed the look of my blog has changed. That’s because I’ve decided that I finally want this blog to have some sort of focus. Kooky, right? So from now on, there will be a discernible purpose to this blog–to break down World Wingnut into bite-size pieces, to occasionally discuss popular culture, and to, of course, occasionally remind people how cute my babby is. We’ll call that Friday Babby-Blogging.

The truth is I don’t have enough hours in the day to blog, take care of a toddler who NEVER SITS DOWN, keep my house looking even halfway presentable and squeeze in some art. I’m hoping this, new twat-inspired format will keep me on track and my readers entertained. And this actually works out great, because I often find really interesting stuff to comment on via my twat feed.

Welcome to my new world. Hope you like it.