I hope we never find out who the whistleblower was

When gamergate was going strong the people who organized the “movement” purposely decided not to make anyone the “leader” of it. The reason they did this was not because of some sense of democracy but because they knew that any leader of their movement would inevitably be labeled a dumpster fire and loon and it would do a lot to discredit gamergate. It was smart, because instead of gamergate instantly being labelled nothing more than a coordinated harassment campaign, people couldn’t get their arms around a titular leader or focal point, and there were endless, credulous articles asking “What IS Gamergate?”

So that the whistleblower remains anonymous during this gamergate presidency makes me infinitely happy–giddy really. It’s going to drive Trump and his supporters nuts. Goddess willing, the whisteblower will remain secret for a full Felt, and Trump and his allies will have no one to hone in on and direct their impotent rage.

Turnabout is a bitch. 

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