Instant Pots Are Witchcraft

61u3-ls-21L._SX700_Yesterday I was looking for a way to use up a big package of ground beef and figured I’d make some Bolognese sauce. It’s a specialty of mine. Unfortunately, I did not have any beef stock in the pantry, so I changed course and decided I’d just make some sort of pasta sauce with beef, bacon (to add a little bit of smokiness) and lots of mushrooms. Sounds decent, right?

Unfortunately my instant pot’s browning feature sucks ass. There’s not a huge amount of surface area and it doesn’t get super-hot. So when I was sautéing everything–beef, bacon,  onions, mushrooms–as the base of my sauce, everything ended up kind of watery. There was NO browning happening. (I was too lazy to transfer it to the stovetop.) When I dumped in some decent-quality jarred marinara and some extra crushed tomatoes, along with some oregano and a bit of Pecorino I expected the resulting sauce to be a study in mediocrity–watery and flavorless. Instead it was delicious.

I don’t know what the hell is going on in that pressure cooker, but frankly I think it’s the work of the devil and it’s scaring me. I’ve made 3 things in the Instant Pot and each dish tasted amazing, seasoned almost to the point of being over-seasoned…but somehow not. Somehow just intensely-flavored and remarkably savory. Hold me, friends, I’m scared.

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