Is It OK to Say a Movie is Boring?

The great thing about twitter conversations is that there’s no need to shorthand them. Here’s a quick, easy read wherein a really nice guy in my twitter feed says he was bored by “Blade Runner.” Which kinda shocked and thrilled me, because even though I think “Blade Runner “is stunningly gorgeous and impactful, I also think it’s pretty flawed. (Although decidedly not boring.)

“The Masterbat0r” is more like it. But, to be fair, those two lingering shots of the boat waves really helped to advance the plot. 

I find that most people demure when it comes to the subject of movie-induced boredom, especially when discussing critically-acclaimed films, and I’m not sure that’s a healthy impulse. Some films–even films with a lot of merit– are just boring, and I think it should be ok to say so. What do you think?


24 thoughts on “Is It OK to Say a Movie is Boring?

  1. What do you think?

    Hah. THAT’S a mistake, asking this bunch for opinions.

    First of all, anyone who says Blade Runner is BORING is an alien. It’s obvious. I would blast him with your geshtunkena ray before things get ugly, and have the X-Files people pick him up for appalling experiments. It may disturb you, but it’s for the good of mankind.

    Of course, it will set up the alien invasion due to the horrible things being done to one of their princes, but we are all just playing our parts. Besides, if we can just get a MacBook in the hands of Jeff Goldblum, all will be saved!

  2. Wait. Where was I?

    Boring movies? THAT was the subject? Oh. OK.

    I have found that a LOT of critic’s picks tend to be boring. Of course, I am used to be – a guy, so there’s a limit to how long I will sit watching something before I need something to blow up real good.

    For instance, I was desperately bored by Sideways. And I am hit-or-miss with Wes Anderson movies; I loved the Life Aquatic, (although Wife Sublime lost interest), I had to force myself to finish the Darjeeling Limited.

    But of COURSE it’s OK to say a movie is boring. ( Although I will watch PSH in just about anything). It’s akin to saying that Top 40 music is kind of lame.

    The thing about boring movies, though, is to learn to pull the plug and go do something more meaningful. Like argue on the internet or something.

  3. That being said, I’ll admit that certain movies where ab-so-fucking-lutely nothing happens beyond people wallowing in their & others’ feelings are not the most stimulating to some of us.

  4. Didn’t you get the memo? Boring is the new sexy.

    I thought “Sideways” was too awful to be boring.
    The whole time I was watching I was thinking “This piece of shit is what everyone’s raving about?” I mean, it was a seriously bad film.

    I think most of the people raving about it were the middle-aged guys whose fantasies it catered to.

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