Mansplainers and Novelty Girls and Trolls–Oh My!

This LGM thread got predictably and amusingly out-of-control. See if you can spot the mansplainers, novelty girls and trolls. Fun for the whole family!

My take? I read Adria’s account and found her case fairly compelling. Earlier that very day, she’d had an encounter with a man making a n (undeniably, inexcusable) sexually-charged crack. By the time the jokers behind her started making their dick jokes,  it’s clear she’d had it with the dudebro tenor of the conference, and decided to do something about it. It’s understandable, at least to me.

That being said, I find the firings fairly appalling. None of these offenses strike me as fireable offenses…at all. I’m sorry the one dudebro lost his job. That sucks ass, and I wish him well.


22 thoughts on “Mansplainers and Novelty Girls and Trolls–Oh My!

  1. yeah, it’s things like that make me glad I’m not a breather anymore. Also, my boss can’t fire me. Well, he CAN, but there are existential difficulties if he does. Also, I stop making drinks for him. It’s very complicated.

    Anyways, Lots of asshole guys out there. Tell you that for true.

  2. The whole incident seems messed up. My gut feeling is that she should have told them to knock off the goofball crap, but I’m a big, fierce looking white guy, so I can’t comment on how she would have felt about confronting them. It’s too bad some guy got fired just for being a middle-school jerk, but that middle-school, poorly-socialized jerk attitude doesn’t help anyone.

  3. wow. TRIED to read through that thread, but holy shit, all the angels dancing on heads of pins, the magical mind-readers, Internet Lawyers, and mansplaining apologists make it hard to step ANYWHERE without getting some on you.

    Makes the typical ZRM-thunder shovel-and-tongs look like kittens, daisies, and new episodes of Firefly.

  4. I think she did the right thing. I don’t think she have been fired. Dudebro should have been stood down and sent to a FEMA re-education camp.
    Bronies story must be a hoax, please.

  5. It was kind of fun being a shop steward. Someone would get in trouble for stupid shit and you could do the right thing and save their job and at the same time tell them to stop being such a goddamned asshole.

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