17 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Taylor Swift Breaks Up with YOU

  1. Taking down anything you put an effort into sucks. I get angry when an offhanded trivial remark gets taken off a web forum for being “off topic”. NO IT ISN’T OFF TOPIC YOU NITWITS OR I WOULDN’T HAVE POSTED IT. Like that.

  2. I think the problem is compounded by the fact that those Facebook toolburgers have no problem stealing people’s Instagram photos. There’s a lot of bad behavior out there and you, a stand up person, have been negatively affected by some jerk’s dishonesty.

    Regarding the title, I actually met Taylor Swift once but, not knowing who the hell she was, didn’t realize the fact until the next day a co-worker told me that I had met Taylor Swift. It was funny, she said, “There was a girl here yesterday who totally looked like Taylor Swift, but I didn’t say anything, because I can’t stand Taylor Swift, but then (other co-worker) said it was really her.”

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have dated her so she could have mocked me mercilessly in public in spectacular fashion. As things turned out, I have to say that I think Taylor Swift is okay, because she’s the kind of girl who could visit a place without using her celebrity status to “pull rank” or try to cut lines.

    • I actually think Taylor Swift is adorable and wish her well. She has some talent and of course she’s cute as a button. I can’t believe you met her!!!!! Geez, man, PAY ATTENTION! We are all awaiting the Big Bad Bald Bastard Breakup (Song)!

    • yeah, I liked the Instagraft things I had seen, and started to set up an account when I realized that it was solely an iPhone app; I hesitated, as I am more comfortable doing photo editing of any kind on my MBP. Then they announced the change in privacy rules, and I blew it off the phone before following through. I am already compromised enough.

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