Marshall Law. Martian Law. Marsmallow Law. Jude Law.

Welcome to the grand re-re-re-opening of SKMD. My experiment with depending on other mediums to serve as outlets for my silliness FAILYULD. tumblr doesn’t have a comment system, which is tremendously unsatisfying, and twitter–unless you have a lot of followers who actually give a shit about how INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND TALENTED you are– is basically just like talking to yourself out loud. And that’s something I can do on any street corner.

So, I’m back. Maybe not often. But I need a place to shake out the sillies. I need a place to document funny things, silly things, outrageous things, and all the beautiful thoughts in my beautiful mind (except the stuff about hobo sex; that’s personal). And SKMD is probably the only good place for that.

Here’s something I’ve been obsessing over the past couple days. It’s a wingnut who got his PhD in Goofy Consipiracy Theories.

Obama signed an executive order right before the SOTU.

1. Attack the internet
2. Blame an enemy (China, Iran, N. Korea, right wing etc)
3. Take control of the internet
4. Then a major false flag attack on a city or infrastructure
5. Shut down internet
6. Marshall law

Now, orange you glad I’m back? Would you really want to be going about your day, not knowing about the imminent threat of Obama’s secret Internet attack/False flag/Marshall law plan? No, of course you wouldn’t. My readers are not sheeple!


19 thoughts on “Marshall Law. Martian Law. Marsmallow Law. Jude Law.

  1. Christmas is saved! I’m not knocking your Tumblr efforts, but I never could figure out how to post comments there, and the back-and-forth is a crucial part of the blogging experience for me. A LULZ0RZ synergy kicks in and raises the hilarity level to eleven.

  2. Hey, you lasted over a month!

    Call me old skool, but the “blogging platform” is still the best way to express yerself freely & for free on the Internet, “new media” or no …

  3. A question or three:
    1) What major false flag is the US going to use. Jupiter?
    2) “Take control of the Internet” is a little imprecise. Could we get some more advice? Maybe the address of the Internet Building so’s we can go and short out their security cameras.
    3) Iffen it’s Marshall law by Jimi well ok, but really I think this needs a bit more work.
    Good to have Dr. Ken back. I think it’s your round, old chap. Mine’s a Chivas.

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