You Guys, God is a Sensi

He’s also a gentleman. He will stand up when you leave the table. He will throw a coat over that puddle for you so you don’t muss your shoes. He will bring you roses on your first date.

The Lord God Almighty is a gentleman. He won’t force us to accept His great love and many blessings. If a nation tells Him to leave, He will leave. But what are we reaping as a result of a society that increasingly ignores God and hates or dismisses Jesus Christ? We are witnessing a horrifying explosion of murder.

What he will not do is save 27 people from being slaughtered. That would be ungentlemanly. Or, monstrous. Take your pick.


10 thoughts on “You Guys, God is a Sensi

  1. That gawd guy sure is a charming fellow, what with the plagues and the AIDS and the torturing all the murders. Swell, swell guy.

    Unrelated to this, but related to your earlier instagrammary: they just changed their T&C’s so that they can sell your shit. Nice folks.

    S’posed to be a new Flickr app that does something similar, maybe that’d be better…

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