Meeses In Place

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

What was on the menu:

  • Lamb Chops marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, dill, garlic, etc.
  • My usual Raita/Tzatziki monster-mashup. If there’s much of a difference between these two sauces/salads, I can’t figure out, thus I often make my own yogurt/mint/cucumber-based Raitziki thingie.
  • Mint & Pea Couscous
  • Curried Pumpkin Soup

How everything turned out:

  • The lamb was unbelievably good, seasoned beautifully and cooked perfectly. (Honestly, I find it’s hard to mess up lamb chops. You almost have to work at it.)
  • The Raitziki was terrific. I put Feta cheese in it.
  • The couscous was tasty, but under-seasoned. Definitely needed some more salt. And perhaps some Feta cheese crumbles, just to amp it up a little.
  • The pumpkin soup I just sort of made up as I went along. It was quite good, but was, again, under-seasoned. And it needed a bit of something to add excitement, perhaps a chile pickle (just a little!) or some lemon juice, or a bit of chutney or something.

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