That’s What She Said

I think everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I watch soaps. And when it was not as much a dying genre, I was pretty serious about “my stories.”  What you may not know is that roughly a decade ago, I wrote a couple of letters to the powers that be at “The Bold and Beautiful.” Now, that’s fandom! Anyway, apparently they were pretty impactful because one of the co-creators of the show called me to discuss my letters. Twice. Which is neat, in a way. But I think it was around that time that I realized that enjoying a show should not take that much work. See, B&B had been going downhill for awhile and the show’s executive producer and head writer seemed bound and determined to make it the shittiest, most misogynistic soap on the air. The target of the show’s misogyny was always fan favorite, Brooke. A lot of us Brooke fans took issue with this. So we often met up online–via email and message boards– to campaign for better storylines and love interests for her. It was constant. It was letter-writing. It was posting on the official message board. It was voting in polls. But often we would say privately “Should getting this show to be watchable be this hard?”

Obama: the Brooke Logan (the one getting crap slapped out of her) of politics

Which brings me to the election. How is this race even close? We had one candidate tell half the country that they were lazy moochers. How is this race not 90%-10% in favor of Obama?

I recently read a terrifically smart comment at BJ, summing up the situation with this astute analogy: Living in the US is like living in an apartment complex where one half of its tenants are constantly trying to burn the building down. Doesn’t that just say it all? And it’s so true. One half of this country is comprised of firebugs. But I can’t tell if they’re arsonists or if they just start the fires while trying to light their farts. Are Americans actively malicious, dumb or just apathetic? I don’t know. All I know that is trying to keep this country from burning to the ground shouldn’t be this hard.


5 thoughts on “That’s What She Said

  1. Living in the US is like living in an apartment complex where one half of its tenants are constantly trying to burn the building down.

    The really weird thing is that the firebugs are the ones who claim to love the building more than the responsible tenants.

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