Pearls: Clutched, Couches: Fainted upon

So there’s this new ad out starring dumb-hyperbole-magnet, Lena Dunham.  On the Left and Right, eyes have  rolled, teeth have gnashed, pearls have been clutched and couches have been set aside just for gettin’ the vapahs. So much ado about absolutely nothing.

The ad is cute, funny and innocuous.

But, apparently, there is worry that the spot has a “cult of personality” issue. I expect to hear this kind of silliness from people like Libertarian Fonzi. But when even the panel of the usually-righteously-right-on “Up” panel gets squeamish, I kinda want to bang my head against my desk.

The ad has little to do with the sex; sex is just the set-up for the joke. And the joke is that voting is exhilarating. Every time I’ve voted, I’ve felt proud, like I’ve done my civic duty. I’ve hoped that my one small vote has done something good for the country. So, yes, I come out of the polling booth feeling quite satisfied. I felt that way when I voted for Obama. Not because I’m some Obama fangirl; he just happened to be the vessel for my “Proud ‘Merkan Voter” exhilaration.  And I imagine it’s the same for Lena. If you think differently, I invite you to retire to your fainting couch and STFU.


10 thoughts on “Pearls: Clutched, Couches: Fainted upon

  1. “Sex is for making babies & it makes your body ugly afterwards & let’s not talk about it, shall we?”
    F. Zappa describing American attitudes toward sex. In about 1968. Fortunately things have changed since.

    As far as “cults of personality,” the shithouse-rat wing hasn’t had a candidate they could even pretend had a humanoid personality since Reagan (not that I think he did, but of course most Americans love a demented but amiable dunce) so all talk of messiahs, “The One,” yada is merely jealous projection.

  2. The real reason for the poutrage is pretty obvious: Lena Dunham is seriously adorable & sharp as a tack, while the GOP gets endorsements from the likes of LiLo & Jenna Jameson. The hilarious attempt to market Ryan as eye-candy being torpedoed by his nightmarish workout photoshoot is also a contributing factor, along with the squick-factor of his personlike running mate.

    Same people that keep yawping on about how sizzlin’ HAWT conservative dames are compared to liberal ones, or Anti-Sex League dopplegangers?


  3. I hate hate hate Girls (the show, not the gender) so having to defend the quadruple threat behind it sucks but….Man, they really are grasping at straws here. I find it far less disturbing than the Spears/Dole Viagra ad.

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