Don’t Binder Me, Bro!

A few days ago, I  watched a panel of village idiots men head-pattingly dismiss Mika Brzezstillmoreconsonants’ concerns about Mitt Romney’s “binder” comments.

It was infuriating watching the panel reduce the discussion to a condemnation of tumblr blogs. “Oh goodness,” they sighed, pearl-clutchingly. “Isn’t that a silly thing to dwell upon?” But in the end, that’s not what the hubbub was about. People seized upon the “binders” comment because a.) it was funny and b.) it was a perfect summation of Mitten’s dismissive attitude about women in the workforce and pay equality.

Here’s what’s important: Mittens lied about having searched out women to hire. His binder-women were provided to him by a women in public service advocacy group. Furthermore, he didn’t even answer the question. When asked about ensuring pay equality for women, he went off on some tangent about binders and his own hiring practices.  So unless Romney has plans to hire all the women entering the workforce, I have no idea why he felt his answer was at all relevant. To me–and to a lot of other folks–this weird tangent was indicative of a dismissive attitude towards working women. If you don’t understand that, you are irretrievably stupid.


21 thoughts on “Don’t Binder Me, Bro!

  1. How could they possibly condemn tumblr blogs? Just today I saw a fantastic depiction of a binder full of women riding hoses weilding bayonets!

  2. Riding hoses? Gald I missed that.
    Mittens was deflecting and the righties help him but puffing up over what everyone (even they) knows is a triviality yet stops real debate over what a twunt the dude is.

  3. I actually wrote a post about his answer specifically to address what I saw as the even more condescending part — i.e. that only women desire flexible schedules.

    Of course almost nobody read that because I rarely post anything other than silly pshoops.

  4. And so today all over the stupid fucking morning news shows along with the “Ermegerd herpderpicane!” all the chattering newsbots were telling me all about how Mittens has closed the “gender gap” and is now running even with Barry.

    I want to hope it’s just the typical newsy “must have a horserace to commentate on!” crap, but then my stomach gets all knotty, I mean naughty, like VS’s.

  5. There shouldn’t even be a gender gap, it should be more of a gender cliff. I can understand rich, white, male bastards voting for Romney, but I can’t understand why anyone else would even consider it. Oops, I forgot, Obama’s black.

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