“Art?” More Like “Fart!”

Latest by moi…

My Private Carnival

I was going to leave these alone and not say anything about them. But I thought it might be novel to actually explain what was going on in my head when I made these. I almost never talk about my process, so you are indeed privileged that I am sharing my beautiful mind with the world.

In this first one, I basically was just looking for an excuse to do something carnival-related because I love, love, love merry-go-rounds. I think they’re garish and beautiful and a teeny bit creepy. And if anyone knows garish, beautiful and creepy, it’s me, amirite? I also loved the idea of someone running some small carnival deep in the woods at night.

Painting Cacophonies

Because I take a “more is more” approach to my art, I thought “Painting Cacophonies” was an appropriate theme. Yes, my stuff is heavily and anally-edited,* but I never met a ribbon, wing, hat, rose, glove, or bit of lace that I didn’t like.

Recently I was approached by a small production company that wanted me to be a part of an art project. I was asked to pose with one of my works and write “Dream Seekers” on my person. Unfortunately, because my good camera was out of batteries, and I never have any fucking time, it ended up looking more like a hostage photo than I’d like. Seems like “Help me” should be written on my arm. Anyway, please check out Dream Seekers Productions. They’re pretty cool.

*as in I am anal about editing, not as in my butt edits my stuff for me


7 thoughts on ““Art?” More Like “Fart!”

  1. I also loved the idea of someone running some small carnival deep in the woods at night.
    SOMEONE read a lot of Ray Bradbury.

  2. More process please. It’s the technical bits I get to steal from. I do it infrequently enough that I usually just don’t remember what the easy way to do it is, thus the recent hunting down of scripts to do stuff for me.

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