See me once, shame on…shame on you. See me…you can’t get seen again.

LGM has a great thread here talking about movies that cannot “be unseen,” referring to films that are particularly memorable, and not for any reason you’d like for a thing to be memorable.  There are a lot of horror films mentioned in the thread, but the “unseen” criterion doesn’t necessarily refer to horror, and people mentioned everything from dramas about drug use to trippy musicals (Tommy, which, yes, is disturbing at times). I was wondering what movies you’ve seen that cannot be unseen…and that you probably never plan on seeing again. I was also wondering if there were any films out there you’d like to see–for shits and grins–but are hesitant to watch.
I participated in the LGM discussion. The films that sprung to mind were:

The Hills Have Eyes (remake)

The Ordeal


The Ring

Three Extremes

I could actually watch these films again…but it’s always going to be a butt-clenching experience for me.
There are several films I “want” to see, but cannot work up the nerve:



A Serbian Film


Julien Donkey-Boy

Sweet Movie

I may update this post as I  think of more movies.

Now you go.


17 thoughts on “See me once, shame on…shame on you. See me…you can’t get seen again.

  1. Great Expectations scared the crap out of me. I was no older than eight, however.

    I hear Salo is real dirty, as it should be.

    In my day they had beach movies at the Saturday matinee.

    I have little desire to see horror movies, so I’m more worried about being bored limp than disgusted & horrified at the cinema.

  2. So over at LGM a posted a few silly ones . I’m not going to bother explaining myself over there because I’ll feel like (more of) an idiot:

    My Dinner With Andre simply because that was the movie that showed me that the pretentious twits that my parents and their friends seemed to be were actually the norm and way more prevalent than I could have possibly imagined. I sat through dinners like that and managed to not kill myself, and (I hope?) remained sane.

    Koyaanisqatsi: Totally wrong movie — I (thankfully) can’t recall the environmental documentary I was thinking of instead. There’s a scene with these reject eggs going down this conveyor to be crushed by some dude with a big masher thing and processed into “chicken byproduct” and there’s this cute little baby chick trying (in vain) to run against the conveyor and avoid its fate. And a few more really disturbing scenes. I could probably watch it now, but at somewhere between 10 and 15 (?) it freaked me right the fuck out.

    The scene in Rollerball (the original) where the guy gets punched in the back of the head by the spiked glove was really stressful as a oh, say 8(?) year old.

    “Thief” was my introduction to semi-realistic criminal violence as portrayed in the movies and again as a kid totally freaked me out.

    Other than that I think the only movies I’ve seen mentioned in that thread are Videodrome (which I thought was great and fucking hilarious) and Silence Of The Lambs (creepy). Those I saw as an adult though and I guess I’m now a hardened cynic because they elicit a “meh, whatevs” as far as memorability. Good movies, just not seared-into-your-subconcious kinds of movies (for me).

    • It seems like for a lot of people the films that really had an impact were the ones they saw as kids. For instance, I totally get why some people would find “Tommy” creepy. And now that I’m thinking of it, I remember the film “Parents” freaking me the fuck out.

      • Saw ‘Parents’ in the UK in 1988; liked it enough to make the Frau Doktorin watch it with me on vid more recently. Full of useful child-rearing messages.

  3. I dunno what all the hate for Kenneth Anger is. (Well, that one scene where the guy opens up & there’s plenty of liver inside maybe. B&W ‘though.) Everyone should see the Magick Lantern Cycle.

    • Oh, that documentary? I don’t think I have the ovaries to see that. I just don’t have the constitution. (BTW, if you’re freaked out by religious nuttiness, do NOT click over to MB’s site. He has a doozy of an entry up. Left ME speechless.)

  4. The Shining freaked me the fuck out but I can remember the 20 seconds I saw of it between watching my shoes and the back of the head of the person in front. I don’t wanna see it again, thanks

  5. One of my all-time favorites is Aguirre: The Wrath of God– it’s so beautifully filmed, and Klaus Kinski is so insane, it’s unforgettable.

    Them! is another unforgettable film- if you see only one giant ant movie, see this one!

  6. Three movies I absolutely 100% regret seeing, and could go back in time to prevent, I would: Natural Born Killers, Starship Troopers, Observe and Report. Now, I would argue that the latter two are somewhat good movies, but all three espouse a worldview so cynical and wearying they kept me up nights, and therefore are crap.

    NBK is one I know I can’t unsee, though. Fuck Oliver Stone, seriously.

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