This is Where the Fish Dies

I’ve been thinking about the debate a lot. I was kind of appalled by Obama’s lackluster performance; this is a man who’s continually spamming people to beg for money…yet he can’t seem to bother to perform at a debate. I wonder why I should fight for him if he won’t fight for us. That aside, I’m pretty sad we’re living in a world where the narrative goes like this: “Sure, Romney lied his ass off…but he did it with PANACHE! Ipso facto–DEBATE WINNER!” I mean, I could loudly and confidently deny the Holocaust. I could do it whimsically, even, with a soupçon of impish sass…but I’m pretty sure that would still make me a gigantic asshole. Ipso facto, Romney is still a gigantic asshole.


10 thoughts on “This is Where the Fish Dies

  1. In a society of reality show junkies, many people are confused about reality. It shouldn’t be about the media spin at all. Look for qualifications, voting record, yada yada yada. Don’t let the “show” influence the “vote”.

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