In Tooth Fairy We Trust


Shorter Dana Milbank: Atheists sure are silly.


21 thoughts on “In Tooth Fairy We Trust

  1. Can’t believe I clicked through and actually read that. Does he really think its clever to continually insert phrases like “good heavens” and “god willing”?

    He says :

    This is because the very notion of uniting nonbelievers behind a common cause is pretty much an oxymoron.

    which is just total ass. I think they’re uniting behind the idea of “keep your fucking god shit out of government!” (you know, stop shoving god down our throats).

  2. One of two major parties in the country is currently trying to get a guy that’s the exaltedhighlordmagicpants (or something) of his crazy cult religion elected as the leader of the country. This merits no discussion, or even mention, because shutup that’s why! Yet Milbank thinks it’s cute that a few atheists are trying to have a tiny bit of influence in the government.

    I hate him so much.

    As much as reading that soured my mood, I would like to at least thank you for linking to a local (Salem) Oregon paper thereby giving a massive boost to our state capital’s economy and depriving the WaPoop a few page views.

  3. Just wait until all the lawsuits about churches actively campaigning for Republican politicians are filed. It would be nice to see a bunch of churches lose their tax-exempt status.

  4. Oh, you went for my fave pic of the three. I think it’s really you. (You know, from my impression of you as a disembodied Internet entity.) And pink!
    Don’t think I’ll read the link, however, even if not clicking plunges Oregon back into economic depression.

    P.S.: The only thing I learned from literal wks. of group therapy (Right till the insurance ran out. Ha!) is that depression is often (Always?) the result of turning one’s anger (in our cases, righteous & justified anger) on oneself. And believe you fucking me, I am pissed, angry & raging! So when something makes you want to “bash your head against the wall,” think of bashing the author’s head against a wall instead.

  5. I just checked Pharyngula to see what PZ Myers has to say about this silly-buggers, but he is not yet on the case, so I will have to settle for letting you tell me what to think about it.

  6. It would be nice to see a bunch of churches lose their tax-exempt status.

    If I could do strikethrough I would so replace “a bunch of” with “all”.

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