Assholes, Opinions…blah blah blah.

So, one of the many things that’s been occupying my time are the banner/logos I’ve been working on for guys at LGM. They’ve introduced the new look and merch…and already people that know fuck-all about design or art–I’m guessing–are weighing in. FUN. (Actually, collaborating on the stuff was fun, at times.) I wish the LGM guys well. Hope they sell a lot of stuff.
Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep up with the thread. I have a feeling it’s going to go like this:


Smartass comment that’s not nearly as funny as the author thinks it is

Unsolicited critique


As I’ve mentioned lately I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense depression/anxiety lately…don’t know if it’ll help my mood.


41 thoughts on “Assholes, Opinions…blah blah blah.

  1. I think the banner is good, and the logo all kinds of awesome. My missing Henry is about the general awesomeness of cranky, uncontrollable cats, not a criticism of your work.

  2. Hey vacuumslayer, I’m a lurker over at LGM, and in a design field. Those are some boss logos you did, I think.

    My totally unsolicited advice is that if you do decide to keep up w/ the comments, you just need to remember that most of the complainers have NO IDEA AT ALL how design works. Let them vent, it means very little, as long as the client is pleased. Maybe let yourself feel a little superior, even.

    Or fire up some NewsRadio eps. Gazzizza!

    • Ha! Gazzizza, my dilznoof!

      Yeah, what’s weird is that often my harshest critics–and to be quite honest, I almost never receive criticism, so perhaps that’s why I don’t take it so well–is from people who really don’t have any artistic talent themselves and probably know jack-shit about design…especially when you’re talking about working with a limited time and budget and a sort of “design by committee” approach. I did the best I could and in the end I think the designs are successful.

      And, yeah, all that matters is that guys like it.

  3. I like the new look for LGM. I also know you’re a smart woman and probably predicted that some folks might immediately jump on the “OMG it gots guns! Gunz is bad, mmkay?” train like they did. I find it a bit amusing that people that have no problem frequenting a blog named “lawyers GUNS and money” are suddenly offended by some gun imagery illustrating that name.

    Anyway, great job and I hope you use your vast newfound wealth and fame only for good.

    • Thanks for kind words, OBS. The irony is that I wanted to put more emphasis on the lawyer part, but the guys thought that made it too busy. I think they made the right call, actually. And, I think we all intended for the gun imagery to be more tongue-in-cheek than “tough guy.”

      • And, I think we all intended for the gun imagery to be more tongue-in-cheek than ‚Äútough guy.‚ÄĚ

        Your choice in the logo of the world’s manliest, toughest-guy gun — the flintlock pistol — clearly demonstrates you know nothing about designing a tongue-in-cheek logo. You should’ve used a funnier, more jovial weapon like an M16, sawed-off-shotgun, tommy-gun, etc.

        Y’know, that or used comic sans. That shit is funny!

      • Fortunately I have no strong likes or dislikes about typography that VS could use to troll me.

  4. People complain no matta whut.

    You have no idea how tempting it is for me to take all those people’s criticisms and combine them into the ugliest fucking logo the world has ever seen. I have just enough rudimentary p-shop skills for it too!

    But I’m a lazy shit and I mostly just lurk there so I can’t be arsed.

  5. I think the new logo and banner gracefully invoke the juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern with a nod to de-constructualism in the belle epoch bravura of literal objectivism.
    Looks good to me VS.

  6. The design on the t-shirt looks pretty badass. And I’m always a fan of rotating quotations.

    If you’re a perfectionist and in a funk besides, it’s not surprising you’d focus in on the negative comments (I tend to do that, too). There’s an old line about success I’ve always liked, that it entails having a good feel for your own strengths and weakness, which allows you to sift through reactions, taking neither praise nor criticism too seriously‚Ķ but that can be hard if you’re in a low spot.

    In my experience, especially with writing and performance (perhaps most of all with comedy), an intelligent, honest layperson can give valuable feedback, but almost all of the time, their main value is in identifying problem areas. They can’t offer you solutions. That’s your job as the artist. That said, I think in your case it’s more the age-old situation of dealing with idiots, pedants, trolls and opinionated douchebags. (FSM knows the internets don’t have any of them!)

    Hey, at least you have several outlets where you can take (artistic) vengeance. Sublimation, or channeled rage, has its benefits!

    • I knew there was a decent chance that the response would be asshole-intensive–because that commentariat is pretty asshole-intensive–so I wasn’t as bothered as I expected to be.

  7. Jeff wants any design that he encounters on a daily basis to be better.
    One can only wonder what he is doing on the Internet.

    Well, it appears he’s doing what most men are doing–masturbating. Only he’s doing it with words.

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