Tips for Picture Resistance

Tips for Picture Resistance as Illustrated by Busy Toddler WHO CANNOT BE BOTHERED

(Faces obscured to protect the identities of the oppressors innocent.)

1.) When you have a moment to yourself, formulate your plan for sabotage.

2.) Express your displeasure for the idea by making a face as if your captor has just farted.

3.) Confuse the photographer by striking “interesting” poses.

4.) Make sure you have made your feelings of resentment clear.

5.) Physical violence should usually be used as last resort.

6.) You might try giving the world the stinkeye to express your disdain.

7.) You may also try hitting the corner of your eye on a table and adopting a belligerent “We represent the Lollipop Guild” look to scare off the photographer.

8.) If all else fails, but put a damn basket on your head. That’ll show ’em.


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