The Call Is Coming from Inside the Pants!

Three quick reviews…

This seems like a terrific idea.

Because I like to be at least 2 generations behind when it comes to the latest in haute gadgetry, I waited until the day iPhone 5 came out to buy my iPhone 4s. I like to think of it as a sort of troglodyte chic, and I expect it to catch on in the hipster community any day now. Cell phone phixies, anyone? Plus, spending $600 dollars on a phone when you could spend $99 seems counter-intuitive to me.

Anyway, the new shape does look more pleasing to the eye and has a better hand-feel than the 3Gs. The camera is significantly improved, with flash lighting available for taking both moving and still pictures, and the picture quality itself seems to have improved. You can also switch the orientation of the camera to easily do those arm-out, cam-whore photos of yourself (and any lucky squished-in companions).

Siri is more gimmick than tool, because she’s–at least here, in my neck of the woods–at times spacey and laggy, like she got high when she was on break and when you ask her something, she’s like “Dude…what was I talking about?” And Siri absolutely DOES NOT have the stunning voice recognition capabilities you see  on display in the commercials. (Although my brother-in-law assures me that iPhone 5 Siri is “kick ass.”) So I think we can officially write Martin Scorsese, Samuel Jackson and Manic Pixie Dream Zoe off as dirty, dirty liars and hoors.  But if you want semi-hands-free access to web searches  or to make and appointment or set a timer, or you just really want to verbally boss your iTunes playlists around, she really is kinda fun and handy. Best of all, when I asked Siri if I was the prettiest woman in all the land, she did not tell me that Kristen Stewart was–NO WAY–way hotter than I am. Whew!

Overall, I give it 3 FoxConn workers caught in suicide nets out of 4 FoxConn workers caught in suicide nets.
Watched two horror films recently…

Silent House” is–I’m not joking–about 80 minutes  of the younger Olsen sister (yes, of THOSE Olsens) walking around an empty house, carrying a lantern, and looking frightened. And that’s literally all it is. And when I say literally, I don’t mean figuratively, I mean LITERALLY. That’s all it is. Incredibly boring and not scary. Yes, I want my 86 minutes back.

Cabin in the Woods” is much more comedy than horror film, and that’s all right with me, because I found it tremendously entertaining. I figured out the twist pretty much right away, but somehow that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the film. It was funny, goddammit, and I wanted to see where it all went, even though I kinda knew where it was going. I put it in the same category as “Drag Me to Hell,” which was also a straightforward, no-frills but incredibly satisfying horror-comedy experience. Definitely worth a watch.


6 thoughts on “The Call Is Coming from Inside the Pants!

  1. Lake Siri talks to me, about dragonflies and things.

    That’s a funny picture…I assume that’s not someone you know?

    • I think Lake Siri may be superior to phone Siri.

      I updated the photo with an even cooler one. And, no, I do not know these hipsters. Hipsters see me and run. Because who wants to get my dork juice on him/herself? Nobody, that’s who.

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