Fuck It-We’ll Do It Live!

As you may have noticed, I tinkered with my blog format, theme, etc. a bit the past couple of weeks. I did this because I’m actually interested in creating a blog of note, a blog with a readership that extends beyond the 5’s of people I bribe to read it with vintage Hello Kitty dildos. I admit it: I actually want to have a political snark blog that people talk about and link to and…print out to read on the toilet. I mean,  how cool would that be?

Maybe the best thing I’ve seen in my life.

Problem is, I’m really really short on time. So I thought that by keeping the blog tight and focused, that would allow me to provide more content and get more peepers on my beautiful word pictures. This plan was BRILLIANT. No-lose. Except that having a tight, focused blog does not actually do anything to the time-space continuum. Time kept ticking by. Asshole Time.

Then there’s the fact that many of the blogs I read on a regular basis have several focuses, ranging from Naval history to music to locally-grown produce to “Mad Men.” So why the hell should I limit myself? I figure if there’s anything I should limit, it’s frippery. Inside jokes, silly posts that are about nothing. Because it really is difficult to draw people in when you write stuff like that.

And my interests–so far as blogging goes–aren’t that far-flung. I like politics (which certainly encompasses my atheism and feminism), pop culture, food, and my son. And since both food and pop culture have themselves become politicized in the past few years, I think there’s nothing wrong with having a blog that covers all these topics.  Indeed, I think my blog will be better for it. My emphasis should be quality, not quantity, and certainly not a narrow focus. I mean, isn’t the whole point of blogging to talk about what interests you and Hello Kitty dildos? But I repeat myself.

Welcome to my new blog. It’s mostly the same as my old blog.


13 thoughts on “Fuck It-We’ll Do It Live!

  1. isn’t the whole point of blogging to talk about what interests you and Hello Kitty dildos

    Determined to get the “Hello Kitty dildo” traffic, I see.

  2. My suggestions?

    Yes. Write about things that interest you to the point that you WANT to write about them.

    Don’t say the same thing everybody else is saying – if what you want to say has been endlessly covered already, just find something else to write about.

    Think about what it all MEANS – the people who are interested enough to read your stuff already know what happened. But nobody has any bloody idea what to think about it. That’s where you bring the value, even if it’s just a chuckle.

    Start email relationships with the people you like to read – erm, the somewhat famous ones. They’re the ones that can link to your posts and get you some readers. It’s not self-serving – you have something to say, you’ve gotta help people find it. They’ll do the rest.

    I really came over here to tell you that I grated some of my index finger into the parmesan tonight and it was DELISH…

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