Loochers and Mooters Untie!

Oh, garsh. Via here I learn that being a Mommy is not, in fact, SUPER-AWESOME NUMBER ONE VERY FUNTIME JOB IN UNIVERSE TO BE VALUED AND VENERATED.

See, The Hubster and I are voting for Obama. He makes a good living (in a very Republican-approved-fetish sort of way). And I am a stay-at-home mother. In my life I have engaged in very little nasty, naughty illicit non-Republican-approved sexytime. We make a decent amount of money. We pay taxes. We’re following all the bullshit rules. Yet we are voting for Obama.

How do you explain this?

Make it viral, Number 2*.



*I apologize to you all for calling you “Number 2,” however Jonathan Frakes is objectively awesome. He is married to soap star, Genie Francis, plus he narrates stuff for the Science Channel.



17 thoughts on “Loochers and Mooters Untie!

      • Well, I admit it:I’m cynical. I’m not willing to throw away my chance to do my civic duty and screw over millions of Americans so I can feel smug about my vote. If Mitt Romney becomes president, I’ll survive. A lot of other people won’t. So, you see, I’m in a bit of bind…if I don’t want to shit all over my fellow citizens.

        And, you know, no offense intended. You’re one of my favorite internet people, but it’s obvious we don’t see eye to eye on this thing, and that’s ok.

  1. Jill Stein was the “Merican pollie I most agreed with on Slate. Which is pretty typical of my ability to pick winners. Here, with our socialnistic jackbooted thugs, one can register that one would like a bit more greenery in the government whilst not abandoning the field to the forces of darkness.
    I suggest you change your system ha ha.

  2. Oh! Hi there. Just wandered over to your neighborhood. How’s trix?

    I feel like I should make a little PSA. In the American system, the President CANNOT reduce social security or medicare. Please note that the repellent and disastrous GW Bush wished to privatize SocSec and failed. Why? Because it requires a congressional majority to make changes to those programs, and the congress critters have a professional desire to be re-elected.

    So deciding to contribute to a Romney electoral victory because Obama “will cut social security” is every bit as delusional as “Obama will confiscate your guns”. These things are beyond the political power of the White House.

    A pleasure to see you again, VS…

  3. If Mitt Romney becomes president, I’ll survive. A lot of other people won’t. So, you see, I’m in a bit of bind…if I don’t want to shit all over my fellow citizens.

    This, This, This a thousand times. I live in New York, a solid Democratic state. I voted for Nader in 2000, and I don’t regret that, but I’ll never vote third party until a viable third party forms. The Greens need to concentrate on local elections, building from the ground floor up. I identify more “green” than “Dem”, but they just don’t have the national juice and there’s no instant runoff voting. I’m not going to throw my female and gay and black and brown friends under the bus so I can feel a sense of moral superiority.

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