Without Ewe

I’ve been busy/ill/depressed lately. That’s why no bloggy so much.


I think this would make an awesome profile picture for a dating site. What? Toddlers date each other right? I’ve been meaning to do a whole post riffing on dating profiles, basically just as an excuse to post pictures of LC…but really have not had the time. I never have time anymore.

A pressie for Sub and my other Scrabble-lovin’ friends:


11 thoughts on “Without Ewe

  1. Buck up. Toddlers, whilst of course being bouncing bundles of joy etcetera, are also big ass bags of suck. This too shall pass, leading of course into new realms of awful mixed with infinite joy. Speaking as the father of a five-year old. Whom I of course love unequivocally.

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