Apparently I Was Put on This Earth to Make Emoboehner

Pressie for Malaclypse


And here I thought it was to make stuff like this:


Never Enough


21 thoughts on “Apparently I Was Put on This Earth to Make Emoboehner

  1. Your bunny ears are the wind beneath my wings. But I’m an old person, so I’ll still say that I liked your old page design better.

      • I’m not saying it is wrong, just that I’m old, and set in my ways. Also, karate-monkeys were so truly Full of Win.

      • Oh yeah, I know. Whenever I change the format, somebody complains, usually for legit reasons. (Like readability and stuff.) I don’t mind getting feedback.

        This is a nice, simple template; thought I’d see what my regulars thought.

        (And I do admit that “Politwit” doesn’t make me smile the way “Super Karate Monkey” does.)

    • I don’t know how many layers of meaning there are, but if you’re getting something out of it, I ain’t gonna stop you. I MEAN-*cough*–yes, totally. Layers of meaning…so much meaning. It’s drowning in meaning. I’M A SERIOUS ARTIST.

  2. Perhaps someday you can get around to doing meaningful art. You know – complete with uppity presidents, burning constitutions, weeping forefathers and an eagle or two. 10x more meaningful if painted over a US flag background. Also, I am very upset that when I mouse over the various elements of your art there is no pop-up text to tell me the meaning of each bit. WTF? Do you really expect me to come up with my own interpretations? That takes, like, thinking and stuff.

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