I read much of that long clusterfuck of…

I read much of that long clusterfuck of a thread at LGM about Ralph Nader (who–I’ll say up front–I have come to loathe).

I’ve always appreciated the fact that Obama has a chorus of naysayers incessantly coming at him from the left. Frankly, he needs that. Until we get a truly full-throatedly liberal president in office, all our presidents will NEED THAT.

But when does useful needling from the left turn into kooky talk? I mean, I’m sorry, but Obama’s the best we’ve fucking got right now. He’s FAR from perfect, but he’s the best we’ve got. Jill Stein will not be our next president. Ralph Nader will not be our next president. Gary Johnson will not be our next president. So WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? Well, I’ll tell you what I am going to do, I’m going to vote for Obama unapologetically. Because letting Romney get into the White House is unthinkable to me. I’d sooner move to Planet Hotpokersupthebumstein.


8 thoughts on “I read much of that long clusterfuck of…

  1. Yup. Ordinarily, as a urban (& urbane) Californian, most of the time I like to vote for absolute loons, left or right, in the general election, as left-of-centerish candidates are pretty sure to win in the state (minus bullshit like the recall & election of servant-fucker Arnold) & every district I’m in (Except County Supervisor; the fucking supervisorial districts are too damn large & too many suburban scumbags are in each district.) but this time around it seems quite important for a popular vote majority for Obama in case the Electoral College puts Romney in. It’s one thing if the popular vote margin is the 500,000 or so in 2000, but if the incumbent gets millions more votes & the electors (or Supreme Court) install Romney something may give.

    My patience, for one.

  2. Even the Republicans don’t really want Mitt Romney. They just dislike Obama more. So this election comes down to will we have Mitt Romney, a president that nobody wants, or will we have Barack Obama, a president that at least some people want.

  3. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of a “strategic” vote: that Gore lost the election because people voted for Nader. My spin is that they voted for Nader because that’s who most accurately rep’ed their position. Of course, these days, Nader is coming off a bit more insensibly. What isn’t insensible is what you’ve posted above. Another person who isn’t going to become president any time soon is Elizabeth Warren, although wouldn’t that be keen? Obama, as I read him, is a cipher more than anything else. If he gets the letters and the phone calls, I think he can be persuaded to tack to the left–marriage equality as a perfect example.

    • I really don’t blame Nader voters for voting for him. I’m sure most of them were well-meaning people voting their conscience; I just hope that people understand I’m DOING THE EXACT SAME THING when I vote for Obama.

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