I Can Spare a Chair

It wouldn’t be Politwit (formerly known as Super Karate Monkey Something Something) if I didn’t comment on a news item so old that it has ceased to be news…

I was a little heartsick when I learned that Clint Eastwood was going to speak at the RNC. I was scared he was going to do a repeat of his “Halftime in America” performance, which was incredibly powerful and made even cranky asshole cynic like me feel a little hopeful and patriotic for a millisecond. I was also bummed because I’ve always liked Clint. Never knew much about his politics, and didn’t particularly care what they were. But he always seemed like a genial, likable guy to me. Sure he was a mediocre director and bad actor, but he was icon, dammit. And, I don’t know…I’ve just always gotten a kick out of him. So, when I heard he was going to speak for the the Republicans, I didn’t feel a lot anger. More hurt. I was hurt.

Then I saw snippets of his performance. He seemed sort of doddering and undignified, and I’d never seen him look like that before. It’s like when you realize Grandpa’s losing his mind; it’s sad. In fact, it was so spectacularly bizarre and unsuccessful, I wondered if he weren’t punking his audience.

Clint’s a wily old bastard. He said of his RNC appearance “Mission Accomplished.”(:O I’ll give you a second to let that marinate.) Which I figured you can take one of three ways, two of them not being exactly Republican-friendly. What’s going on in that head of yours, Clint?


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