This amused me. I won’t touch the fact that she proposes that Fox and MSNBC are twins, but declares MSNBC the evil twin. Even while admitting this:

MSNBC has pumped up its ratings by recasting itself as a left-leaning riposte to Fox News, and that’s fine. Fox long ago proved that a lot of viewers like to hear cable anchors echo what they already think; MSNBC is just playing catch-up. Fox is still well ahead, especially during a Republican convention, but on Tuesday, there were times when MSNBC drew significantly more convention viewers than CNN.

And then there’s this puzzling paragraph:

Especially when they and their hyped-up panelists shout that Republican claims are “lies,” or Chris Matthews says that Republicans view welfare recipients as “looters.” MSNBC panelists gave Mitt Romney his due on Thursday but mocked his audience. Mr. Matthews noted that when Mr. Romney called for Americans to give the poor a helping hand, Mr. Matthews said, “He got zero applause,” adding, “I think that’s so telling about tonight.”

1.) Republicans do view welfare recipients as lazy (and Black, mostly). So, that’s a fact.
2.) The Republicans did lie repeatedly during their speeches. Fact. Checked by fact-checkers, even. (Although, to be fair, I often find the fact-checkers suspect, so I’m always a little leery about citing them.)
3.) Republicans do tend to cheer things like letting people die if they don’t have health coverage and they’re not big supporters of the welfare state, so it makes sense that they would not applaud mentions of it.

Apparently what bothers Ms. Stanley is that MSNBC commentators don’t mince words. They actually come right out say…STUFF. Stuff that’s harsh, but more importantly true.


MSNBC has a growing cast of anchor-bloviators — hosts like Martin Bashir, Tamron Hall and, of course, Al Sharpton

1.) Martin Bashir: not an anchor. (He hosts his own opinion segment, like Al Sharpton.)
2.) Tamron Hall: Anchor, not a bloviator
3.) Al Sharpton: not an anchor.

So…wrong on all three counts. This is painfully stupid.

The meme that MSNBC is just a “liberal version of Fox” is one that rankles me the way few memes do, because it’s SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Starting at 4 in the afternoon, I’ll grant you that MSNBC is an orgy of liberal-leaning commentary. But during the rest of the day, it’s just another news network. And what’s great about MSNBC is that aside from “Morning Joe”–which is filled to the brim with cheesy Starbucks promos and village idiocy–is actually a reality-based, fact-based network. So that even when the the channel takes its afternoon lurch to the left, it does so by citing actual facts to support its liberalism. So it in no way resembles the gut-based, reactionary, truthiness-riddled news and commentary of Fox News.




6 thoughts on “Bothsidesdoucheitism

  1. There is no equivalent of FAuX anywhere.

    It’s 24-7 right-wing propaganda, and quite frequently, full of lies.

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