Two Redheads, One Cupp

Due to my husband’s new work schedule he is often home at odd times during the day, affording him the opportunity to watch daytime TV. Since I usually have MSNBC on, he is now aware of the mostly silly but very occasionally interesting “The Cycle.” Unfortunately, the show has piqued his interest, and not in a good way, forcing me to having a version of this conversation–I crap you not–at least 3 times:

Husband: (In reference to S.E. Cupp) Who the hell is this?

Me: S.E. Cupp.

Husband: She’s a moron.

Me: I know.

Husband: Why is she on this show?

Me: Because she’s young, attractive and conservative.

Husband: What are her credentials?

Me: Um, I’m not sure. She has this shtick where she’s, like, the conservative atheist who hates other atheists.

Husband: *Leaves room looking like he smelled a fart.*

Yer killin’ me, MSNBC. Listen, I get that you want your daytime programming to be filled with attractive young folks. And I’m mostly on-board with that. Hell, I voted for Krystal Ball, who while her parents clearly intended for to get a job cavorting around a pole and collecting singles in her g-string, is actually an intelligent, competent liberal voice. Surely you coulda done better than Sippy if you HAD to have a conservative on “The Cycle.” Then again, if you’re really committed to Sippy, you could always rename the show “The Tricycle.”


11 thoughts on “Two Redheads, One Cupp

  1. I too am the sort of person who has Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares on for much of the day, but you can bet the farm I don’t watch The Cycle.

    If you get Current, try Stephanie Miller from 0900 to 1200. (Best DVRed & fast forwarded through the slow parts, as is everything on the telly.)

  2. *Leaves room looking like he smelled a fart.*

    If the Frau Doktorin left the room every time she smelled a fart then I would hardly ever see her.

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