Music Cooties

Is it blasphemous to quote MLK for an cccasion such as this? Because I want to scream “Free at last, free at last! Thank FSM, I’m free at last!”
See, The Hubster recently had to download his own iTunes account for work-related purposes. So his music is no longer intermingling with mine, tainting it and getting it’s dork juice all over it. Listen, I’m already a dork. I don’t need anyone upping my Dork Quotient.

I used to go into Recently Added, hit Shuffle and shit like this would start playing. It didn’t exactly make me a happy camper. And because I rely a lot on smart playlists, I was constantly having to search out and quarantine his Dorkola Virus-ridden songs. It was a fooking pain in the ass. Well, no more. I am free at last.

Let’s celebrate some good music…And RMF!


7 thoughts on “Music Cooties

  1. The quote you really want to use is Gerald Ford advising us “our long national nightmare is over.”

    Also, sharing devil-boxes is as stupid & dangerous as joint bank accounts.

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