Popular Culture and the Asshole Response

One thing I’ve noticed while reading and commenting at political snark blogs is that as soon as the conversation turns to things like music and movies, once-terrific posters suddenly become insufferable to me.  It’s like everyone goes–immediately–to their most pretentious, hyperbolic place. Everything is THE BEST. Everything is THE WORST. And the case that posters make for “Thing X” being THE BEST or THE WORST  is inevitably expressed in the most florid, overwrought, pretentious way possible. I don’t get it. Isn’t there such a thing as saying, “I didn’t care for ‘Movie X.’ Here’s why…”? I mean, is that even possible? Am I crazy? Can people talk about popular culture in a non-douchey way? Should I ask another question here?

That being said, I am not being hyperbolic when I say that my son is THE STRONGEST BABY IN THE WORLD!!!!

He will surely rise up and destroy us all!!!!


15 thoughts on “Popular Culture and the Asshole Response

  1. Tom Baker is the only Doctor Who worthy of the title, and anybody who thinks otherwise is naught but a nerd-come-lately. Discuss.

  2. I had my problems with Little Miss Sunshine (like, why doesn’t that kid know, at 16, that he’s colorblind?), but the movie’s redeemed by that insane climax. It’s just so twisted, celebrating the characters while simultaneously blowing them up.

    Here’s a good takedown of Sideways:


    I was with Sideways until the dumbass begged Paul Giamitti to go back and get the wallet. Aw, he’s really crying now, he DOES love that woman he’s compelled to cheat on constantly. Fuuuuuuuuck youuuuuu.

    • Yeah, I actually found Thomas Hayden Church’s character, like, almost sociopathic. I’ve told people before that I honestly just kinda wanted to murder both guys, I found them so insufferable. And I’m not sure how you enjoy a movie where you find the two main protagonists irredeemably irritating.

      The climax of “LMS” is, indeed, worth the price of admission.

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