Sad: I Haz It

Occasionally I make the mistake of looking at WordPress’ “Best of the Freshly Pressed” page, where supposedly laudable, stand-out blogs are highlighted. I compound the mistake by clicking links. And I happen upon shit like this. Corny drivel that basically boils down to “pity men because BONERZ and the fact that we can’t constantly be sticking them in hot women.” And the slavish praise of the commenters…it makes me want to weep. (BTW, one commenter basically does come right out and say women are lucky because they’re valued primarily for their looks and he’s butthurt he can’t bone Kiera Knightly.) I mean…it leaves one breathless.

The author seems nice enough…just extremely privileged and very very misguided.


7 thoughts on “Sad: I Haz It

  1. Not every sinking ship is the Titanic.

    Crew members had the highest survival rates in shipwrecks, followed by captains and male passengers, according to the report today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research found that women’s survival rate on 16 maritime disasters from 1852 to 2011 was half that of men’s, and children had the worst chance of getting off the boat alive.

    But, once the women and children get a break it’s always.

  2. In the old days such tripe would gather dust & turn yellow on a shelf somewhere because it had never gone further than a high school’s quarterly lit/humor “magazine.”

    Then they had to invent the Internet.

    Only skimmed it; he played the “wimmins & chillun fust” card as part of how bad it is to be a man? Yikes.

  3. Women are lucky because I’m single and Kiera Knightly tells me she busy, she has to wash her hair, every night, for the rest of my life. So, good news for the rest of you, I’m availlable!!!

    Here’s a different perspective

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