Steven, Jesse Does Not Like You That Way

Via mark f, who always manages to make me click and immediately regret it, comes this odd tidbit, wherein Powerline’s Steven Hayward creepily stalks and photographs Jesse Jackson. And what does this Seal Team 6*-like recon get him? Confirmation that Jesse Jackson behaves exactly as one might expect Jesse Jackson to behave.

When the Rev. Jesse Jackson sat down in the row just ahead of me on yesterday’s connecting flight from Chicago to Las Vegas (where I am today), what does he read?  Why, the editorial page of the New York Times, of course.

No. Fucking. Way. A black liberal activist reads The New York Times? Hang on, let me alert The New York Times.

Where’s your broccoli now, Michelle? WHERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS BROCCOLI NOW?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But at least Jesse’s choice in cuisine is reassuring. Here’s his bag dinner, brought on board in preference to the first class meal United was offering (which wasn’t bad, by the way). Now, what would fast-food deploring liberals say?

Well, I can’t speak for all fast food-deploring liberals. Nor can I confirm that all liberals, to a person, deplore fast food. But I can tell you what this fast food-deploring liberal thinks. I think that even fast food-deploring liberals often eat complete shit when they’re “on the road,” as it were. It’s unfortunate but a sad fact  that often your choices for healthy cuisine while traveling are often close to nil, unless you pack your own food, which, DUH, a liberal is not going to do, because we’re all so goddamn lazy.

Granted, I’m betting a first class meal would be more healthful than Mickey D’s, but I don’t know if it would be any more tasty. Furthermore, I don’t necessarily object to fast food existing; I’d just prefer that people eat it infrequently. Since I don’t often stalk and photograph Jesse Jackson, I’m not familiar with his normal eating habits, and so I’d feel silly admonishing him for this single incident.

*Full disclosure: I have no idea if Seal teams do reconnaissance work.


18 thoughts on “Steven, Jesse Does Not Like You That Way

  1. As a liberal who works at an airport. it is not unusual to see me carrying a bag from a fast food place. Usually though, it is because I’m picking up the trash left behind by a conservative.

  2. I think that even fast food-deploring liberals often eat complete shit when they’re “on the road,” as it were.

    I have to confess, I go nuts at Popeye’s Fried Chicken every couple of months. That being said, I met Jesse Jackson about a year ago, and found him to be a real class act, and definitely not a guy with an axe to grind against “whitey”.

      • Added to the fact that Jesse Jackson hasn’t been remotely a force in politics since his love child daughter was revealed in 2001 (right in the middle of his hectoring about Florida and the election). It’s like they’ve got to find a way to take him down as if that will absolve them of whatever sins they think he’s accusing them, directly, for.

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