I Encourage You to Exercise Your Constitutionally-Supported Right to Eat a Bag o’ Glass

Now, if only we could get rid of the goddamn NANNY STATE GOVERNMENT that prevents the stuff from even being sold in the first place.

Candace Bergen is concerned.

There are lots of dumb reasons to buy guns. But buying them out of spite may be the dumbest of all.

A very special commenter-who I can only imagine smells like whiskey, bullet smoke and rich Corinthian leather- named jGordon farts out:

“All this speculation is pretty much pointless. We have a Constitutional right to bear arms here in the US, and we will bear them.

In fact, I’m thinking of exercising my civil liberties and and buying another this weekend–as the Supreme Court has frequently affirmed that I have the right to do. If that gnaws at the heart of some paranoid government bureaucrats and media propagandists, then I only feel so much the better about it.”

Eat a bag o’ glass, dick.


14 thoughts on “I Encourage You to Exercise Your Constitutionally-Supported Right to Eat a Bag o’ Glass

  1. You gotta love their version of the second ammendment:
    “A bargle argle margle being necessary to the bargle of a free argle, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    I also just love how the same folks who argue that they need this right to protect themselves from the possible tyrrany of their own government are the same people who insist that the very same, possibly tyrannical government, absolutely MUST have billions more to spend on the military.

  2. How many guns do you think he’ll need before the sheer number of them makes up for the tininess of his dick — not to mention his brain?

  3. I’d feel even better if he ate the goddamned barrel after his glass appetizer. Throw in a bag of dicks for good measure.

  4. Okey-doke: The balloons move all over the text as one scrolls. (Screengrab available on request, if you insist.)

    Old people like larger fonts & don’t like light gray text over a light blue background. (The blockquote.)

    This is probably what one gets for using Kraut templates, Hilter!!

    jG also has a constitutional right to use a bag o’glass as an enema, by the way.

  5. This sounds like the same kind of idiot who leaves his Hummer H1 idling on the driveway on Earth Day. Pissing off liberals is probably the only thing that gets him out of bed in the morning.

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