Prophetic Satan-Eyes

Well. Something weird happened while I was down in Folly Beach. A huge fight–not physical–broke out. I don’t want to get into details…but it was huge…and it was the single most awkward *scene* I have ever been a part of. In fact, I was so shocked that when I came downstairs from the putting the baby to sleep and saw what was going on, I thought everyone was play-acting for a second or two. I am not accustomed to drama. And this was ugly.

Anyway, the offending folks (who are family) left, gutting the inlaws, who’d planned for months and spent thousands of dollars they probably don’t have arranging this. So this wasn’t just ugly, it was really sad. Long story short, I never did get to take the “3 cousins” pictures I’ve dreamed of for years. Two cousins would have to suffice.


12 thoughts on “Prophetic Satan-Eyes

  1. That is sad- hopefully it won’t taint family relations for years to come. I have a couple of uncles who have never gotten along, and it’s so hard to rise above family factionalism. Thankfully, all of my cousins get along famously.

    • Yes, I have no idea where things stand now. The folks who left obviously had issues before the vacation even began. And people who were not even a part of the fight have been put “on notice.” It makes me sad. And a little angry.

  2. Family bust-ups are not worth the energy. Everyone will have to make up at some stage. Someone should have just have STFU. Yep, difficult but in the end a better result.

  3. My mom’s brother has recently disowned her – his mind is going and he’s got a leech on him who wants to sell various items and pocket the money.

    I have a lot of sympathy for my mom, but my uncle has always been a total grasping asshole. It’s somewhat poetic to let him get taken, but also a rip-off that he won’t understand it’s the case.

  4. Why I am a lonely (Not really: Alone isn’t lonely.) single person. If hell is other people (And it is!) family people are the 33rd circle of hell. Let alone in-laws.

    (Also, the big picture at the top is not showing in my single world.)

  5. I divorced my mother’s entire family because the chances of a histrionic or a truly mind-bendingly bizarre scene not happening in any gathering were very slim. Her family was always circling the wagons. Whether or not there was a pattern to who aligned with who and who was the root of all evil on any given occasion I could not tell. If one over-the-top scene was missed, the next one made up for it in buckets.

    I seriously doubt that your family could be that crazy. You would have known not to mix them with in-laws, because that’s when all the claws come out— weird tribal shit.

    Surely you know not to attempt to smooth anything over, this was not your fight and not your drama. No need to take sides with either tribe on this account, but keep it in mind when sending out invitations.

    • wiley, that sounds exhausting. I don’t know how people live like that. I simply refuse to “do drama.”

      Like I was telling M., this whole thing just knocked me on my ass because it came from the “perfect” family. I’m used to quiet, WASPy dysfunction of my father’s side, the complete batshit, Southern craziness of my mother’s side…and of course my own travails with my abusive stepmother. But this whole thing shocked the hell out of me.

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