Do You Think I’m a Good Photographer? Check “Yes” or “No.”

I wanted to talk a little about the importance of tweaking and properly cropping your photos today. When you take the time to do some artful cropping and make adjustments to brightness/contrast, color, etc., it can mean the difference between a nice photograph and a work of art.

A few steps you may want to take when you upload your photos to your computer, using your photo editor of choice:

  1. Adjust the color, tone, contrast, brightness, etc. Most software will have “Auto” fix solution to improve photo quality. If you want to save time, please make friends with these features. If you want to fiddle more, by all means, tweak the hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, tone, and color. Most photos need a little help, even the good ones.
  2. Crop your photos artfully. This can make a huge difference. It can change and improve the composition of your piece significantly. It can also bring your subject into super-focus, which is what you want. Avoid cropping your photos so that your subject is in the dead center. This tends to make photographs less interesting and artful. There are times when this is untrue, but I find it’s a damn good rule adhere to 90% of the time.
  3. If your photo is not super-grainy, sharpen it.

Now, obviously, if you’re an advanced-level photographer and/or you’ve mastered your software, you can go much farther than I’ve gone here. But this is a great place to start for most hobbyists.

Here are a few photos I tinkered with–I think–to great effect. Alas, I do not have the “Befores” to show you.


12 thoughts on “Do You Think I’m a Good Photographer? Check “Yes” or “No.”

  1. You’ll be shocked and stunned to find that I generally don’t do any of that (except for cropping).

    I generally shoot tons of pics (737 in July so far), and just put up the good ones.

    That said, there’s certainly a lot more I could do in the way of getting better photos.

    These flowers are not deep blue, but my camera doesn’t believe they’re very blue at all.

  2. I’m the wrong guy to ask, I just point and click. You benefit greatly by having great subject matter, ‘cos L.C. roolz!!!!

  3. The picture with the baby in the foreground and daddy way in the back is extraordinarily wonderful! And mysterious.

    Just out of curiosity, does Dad have a super-high security clearance or is he just camera shy? I think I’ve only seen him on a picture that included a picture on your fridge, and here as a shadowy feature waaaaay in the background, so he probably appears more mysterious than he actually is.

    • Thanks, wiley! I mostly don’t feature him prominently because I kinda want to respect his privacy. It’s why I don’t feature too many pictures of other family members either. Unless I went around getting explicit permission from everyone, I’d just as soon kinda keep them on the downlow.

      Also, I’ve said–to my mother even–that I consider this *my* blog. It’s kind a private. Just me and my friends, playing. And I want to keep it that way.

      • Gotcha.

        I just read your headline— OF COURSE YOU’RE A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER! Sheesh. Don’t ask, honey, TELL IT. Get cocky and stay that way. You’re an ARTIST.

  4. Do You Think I’m a Good Photographer?
    I genuinely believed that all those images you post to DeviantArt were *imaginary*.

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