On the Road A-freakin’-gain

This time, we’re off to Folly Beach in South Carolina for a shorthand family reunion. Should be tons of fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing my two little nephews…but, geez, it’s not like I haven’t had a lot on my plate lately. I mean, we’re not even completely moved in yet.

Be back in a few days. In da meantime, here’s my cutie-pie:

And here he is with his Grandpere, who is his biggest fan. Well, next to his Grandma Rita.


21 thoughts on “On the Road A-freakin’-gain

  1. lord chubs appears to be quite anxious to see who/what makes the next sound in his book! did grandpa make any funny bodily noises for his amusement? good luck w/that family reunion!

  2. Moving is exhausting, but it does end though it sure as hell feels like it won’t til the very end sometimes. Thought you might find some inspiration for your digital women at these sites:



    And you too can shop auctions at Christie’s. It’s just like stealing a car.


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