Awesome News, Horrible News

We’re in Rhode Island getting moved in. Our new place, our new town is cartoonishly charming and pretty. Unfortunately we had to put our dog down yesterday. At 13 years old, his kidneys were failing and he was having trouble standing. Suddenly, yesterday, he just wasn’t “right” anymore, not responsive. Losing him was like a punch in the gut. But it was his time.

Love you, Angus.


17 thoughts on “Awesome News, Horrible News

  1. Sorry to hear about Angus, it’s always tough to lose a pet. If our ancestors had just seen fit to domesticate Gallapagos Tortoises we wouldn’t have this problem. But overall, I think dogs were the best choice. The sound quality is not great, but here’s Angus’ Overture

  2. Also, I’ve been scouring the map trying to find this “Rhode Island” place. Is that in the Caribean somewhere?

  3. Condolences on Angus’ death- remember, in dog heaven, every time a dog turns his head, his nose pokes another dog’s butt!

    Welcome to the Northeast! Enjoy your New England experience.

  4. Sorry to hear about Angus. He was a good dog, I am sure (aren’t they all?).

    I just got word last night that my dad died on 6/10. He had no service. Poof, just gone. He liked the ponies, the bourbon, the Camel unfiltereds and other people’s wives, in reverse order. I’m told he was blind and in a wheelchair at the end.

    I’ll have a shot of Old Forrester and a Camel tonight for Dad. Here’s to ya, Gene.

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