Let Me Add Another Butt, Offer a Rebuttal, If You Will

I’m always looking for a good, snarky political blog to read because I have no life, anything that can take my mind off how awful things are these days is a-ok with me.

And then, inevitably, the talk-out-your-ass review of something pop culture-related.

Coming on the heels of the overly-praised Girls (a ten episode self-esteem workshop on body issues/self-absorption aimed at the 23-28 female demographic, yet written at level easily understood by overly-bright tweens

Actually, NO. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of “Girls.” I haven’t decided whether I’m going to continue watching the show or not. One of the reasons I’m not sure is because it makes me uncomfortable. Because I got married so early, I missed out on a lot of this angst on display here. I missed out on a lot of stuff, good and bad, I reckon. So yeah, I figure that anything that lingers like that with me, evokes that sort of response, probably has something going for it. Then there’s the fact that it’s kinda gritty, kinda funny–at times laugh-out-loud–funny, and also just kinda different. And that the show is written by a woman in her 20’s–who admitted on Colbert that she’s never had sex–leaves me gobsmacked. Honestly, I can’t conceive of creating something of this merit at that tender an age.

So, I took issue with this huffy response to my–admittedly not diplomatic–comment:

Actually, no it isn’t. It’s masturbatory navel-gazing crap that thinks it has IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY but is actually a faux hipster soap opera. It’s an after-school special with sex and swear words. But don’t take it from me, my 23 year old daughter gave up on it weeks before I did and she’s their demo audience.

Actually, yes it is.

“Masturbatory navel-gazing crap” seems more than a little hyperbolic to me. There’s navel-gazing, sure. I’m not sure where the masturbation comes in. I dunno. It seems like something you type out if you’re SUPER-MAD someone dared disagree with you.

I have no idea what a “faux hipster” is. Is it something that attempts to be hip and then fails? Because that’s not necessarily a bad thing for me. I really don’t care if a show fails to meet some arbitrary hipness threshold.

And soap opera? I love soaps. Daytime soaps, nighttime soaps. Bath soaps. I’m 1000 % pro-soap. Oh, and, here’s something discerning TV-watchers should know: EVERY NIGHTTIME DRAMA THAT FEATURES STORYLINES THAT ARE NOT SELF-CONTAINED ARE FUCKING SOAPS.

It’s an after school special? This seems like more goofy hyperbole meant to shut down conversation. Um, OK, dude. Whatever.

But this is my favorite part:

my 23 year old daughter gave up on it weeks before I did and she’s their demo audience.

Fuck, his DAUGHTER doesn’t like it. Which means that no woman in her 20’s anywhere is watching the show, I’m sure. Luckily, I’m a.) 39 b.) not his daughter. So I think I’ll continue to watch–JUST TO SPITE HIM.

No, but, seriously, the show is worth a looksee.


13 thoughts on “Let Me Add Another Butt, Offer a Rebuttal, If You Will

  1. Darned Tboggers.

    They’re also pretty sure when the President they like blows up little children, it is for FREEDOM™. Not like when that bad President did it.

  2. Masturbatory, in this context, is when someone expresses herself. And gawd forbid anyone should think about things & stuff or reflect on it or anything, that’s navel-gazing.

    “Faux hipster” is just redundant.

  3. I watched the whole season and friggin’ loved it, especially around episode 5 when it started getting really funny and it became clear Dunham wants you to view these characters with some degree of contempt. The finale made me feel uneasy, as it presses the reset button on everyone in a way that felt unduly harsh. Dunham herself views the ending as hopeful but I dunno.

    I hope there won’t be a Shameless-style second season dropoff where the characters get very stupid because the story needs them to be, not because of who they are.

    I have a feeling Lena Dunham has, in fact, had sex, but then again, in one episode she has her character say “Am I tight like a baby?” in bed. WHO SAYS THAT?

  4. So I think I’ll continue to watch–JUST TO SPITE HIM.

    i am SO proud of you right now! also, where can i view this fine-if-not-a-bit-unsettling-controversial-touchstone program? i do recall seeing her on colbert and said to myself that i MUST SEE THAT SHOW, but then promptly forgot…until now…

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