The other day, Lord Chubbington aka Dudeskull, came out of the bathroom with two toilet tissue roll cores. I did not want him to play with them because they were from the trash, so I went into the kitchen to get a fresh paper towel roll core. I unwound all the paper from it; took about 20 seconds. When I came back out into the foyer to give him the paper core, I couldn’t find him. I peek around the corner, I call his name, nothing. Then I turn around find him standing on the fourth stair step, with a self-satisfied little Mona Lisa smile on his face. If hadn’t been so cute, it would have creeped me out. It’s like he levitated there, quickly, quietly. I nearly had a heart attack.


So, yeah, he can climb stairs now. *thud*


It’s the Baby’s Everest.

But do I dare? Do I have the sheer STRENGTH OF WILL?

What? I’m not allowed on the stairs, you say?

What? I totally was not going up the stairs.

Look at how casual and nonchalant I am.

OK, I admit it–stairs are awesome! Hang on, let me get my ball.

Balls and stairs! Two great tastes that taste great together!

Relax, mom. I GOT THIS.

No stairs, huh?

That’s fine–I’ll just balance on this rocking chair! OH YEAH!!!!


11 thoughts on “Dangerdude(skull)

  1. There’s a baby who’s sure all that glitters is gold
    And he’s climbing a stairway to heaven.
    When he gets there he knows, if the stores are all closed
    With a word he can get what he came for.
    Ooh, ooh, and he’s climbing a stairway he’s Evan.

  2. Ooh, ooh, and he’s climbing a stairway he’s Evan.

    this will make me laff all day…also, the days of death-defying acts are now upon you…enjoy not sleeping or taking your eyes of your child for even a second for the next 16 years…

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