I Want to Be a Virus

Been so long since I had the heady rush of experiencing a non-DD-related viral piece. Fingers crossed.

The Bronte Project


36 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Virus

  1. Some of those leaves look suspiciously similar. I suspect there has been trick photography or something.

    • Some of those leaves look suspiciously similar.

      I’ll bet it would be pretty easy to script a “flurry of crap” option in which an element is repeated with variations in rotation, proportion, lighting and blur, and then stack it in multiple layers, BLUR>CLEAR>BLUR or just BLUR>CLEAR. Then you could erase what doesn’t work. It’d be kind of surprising if there wasn’t something like that in Photoshop already…

      • Substance, in the Brushes palette, you can do things to brushes like adjust the angle, size, hue, saturation, number, spacing, roundness (makes it looks like the perspective is changing in a pinch), etc. I think that’s what you’re getting at.

      • Not exactly…I’d want a generated and random set of layers without worrying about brushwork. So if I had one heart on one layer – because I am so romantic – bam I get a blurred layer full of hearts for background, a layer of clear hearts for middle ground, and another blurred layer for foreground. I find it easier to erase than to draw though. JanusNode approach to image creation.

      • The thing is I can make that happen in Quartz Composer right now, but you can’t get transparencies out of it. It’s kind of like programming for simpletons.

        Or maybe you can. Hmm.

    • Quartz Composer is a programming environment that spits out video. So while I can stack things on top of other things, image-editing really has to happen elsewhere, and the video it spits out can never be transparent.

      If you download the Apple developer tools – about a gig of stuff – you’ll get that and a little toy called Core Image Funhouse that lets you stack up a bunch of filters on an image: those filters are kind of systemwide video elements that get used in the screensavers for example.

    • There’s no pleasing some people. This morning over at Eschaton, there’s a guy decrying the uselessness of Twitter, and how people need to meet face-to-face to discuss Twittery thangs. And this in the comments section of a blog.

  2. Put some WOMEN’s faces on those paintings instead nymphs & I’ll detract my statement!

    They should have SHEEP faces because IT’S FOR A FRIEND.

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