Art and Food

I have created two new avant garde art installations. I call this one “Grass.”

I call this “Chair.”

In food news, I found an amazing blog. I’m picky about what kind of recipes I like. A lot simply don’t resonate with me or get my tastebuds workin’… but these sure do. And the fact that they’re written by a nutritionist makes the blog an even better find for me. I’ve already tested one of her recipes and it was a huge success.

Crockpot Asian Chicken Stew

I made a couple of substitutions–I used Chinese cabbage in place of the spinach because, frankly, it needed to be used up, and I used Sambal Oelek in place of the Sriracha because it was all I had. I also added an extra squirt of lime at the end, for extra freshness. With these little tweaks, it was unbelievably flavorful. What’s more, I felt good about eating it.

The stew is definitely vaguely pan-Asian…but the abundance of veggies and the strong peanut taste evokes African groundnut stews. I think–if you’re so inclined–you could easily substitute the chicken with tofu or sweet potatoes, and this recipe would still be a huge winner.


18 thoughts on “Art and Food

  1. He looks so COMFORTABLE! This kid has ease down to an art. That’s one laid-back babbie (in those pictures (I trust he has his moments of otherwise)).

  2. Awww, he looks so cute. All chubby wubby in his onesie. 🙂
    The stew looks great! Sounds pretty mouth watering.. Seems to be something we all (except Massimo) might enjoy. 🙂


  3. Where is the video of his royal highness walking? And the chronicle of the words he speaks? How is his pitching arm? Does he dance and sing? What are his favorite foods? Least favorite? His favorite toy?

    Spill. We all KNOW he’s adorable to look at.

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