Society, I am Going to Have to Facepalm You Today

This is too sad to snark about. I had to stop reading it after a few pages, because it’s so awful and depressing. I’m sorry, I know the project is meant empower survivors, but, just that so many people were available to participate is appalling to me. This is a civilized society? I wish Deadbart, in his infinite wisdom, had cared one whit about the rape of these people. Stop raping the people, indeed.

This almost leaves me snarkless. Because, again, it’s just so awful. It’s awful because, yeah, all the advice for girls is stereotypical girly stuff. That’s not a condemnation of girly stuff. I rather like some girly things. Whatever “girly” means…I’m not gonna go down that rabbithole now. So, yeah, the implication that all girls like to sit around painting their hair and braiding their nails is appalling on its face. But it’s the idea that girls are to be, while boys are to do that makes my ass want to work buttonholes.  Yeah, this seems to be an idea that’s creepily pervasive, especially in pop culture. Even these dumbfucks buy in. Look at that. Apparently girls don’t dew anything.

FUCK YEW,  MOUNTAIN DEW! When I punch your advertising team in their collective throats, you’ll know I occasionally stop making lists of my frenemies, watching SATC marathons and crocheting doilies, you dumb fucks.  [/facepalm]

Make me feel better, Clever Pie.


6 thoughts on “Society, I am Going to Have to Facepalm You Today

  1. That Project Unbreakable blog was really heartbreaking. The very thought of a trusted adult abusing a child makes me want to smash some evil monster’s head. For all the times children are taught to beware of strangers, it’s the people in a child’s family or circle of friends that pose the most danger.

    Make me feel better, Clever Pie

    I think I’m in love with Isabel Fay… I may have to take down my poster of “Flo”, the Progressive Girl.

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