I Vant to Play

Via here and here I learn that people are being SILLY and playing with this already incredibly silly painting of Breitbart with T-Rex arms. I want to play, too. I really do. But it’s so rare I get to spend any time working on art, it’s really hard to justify using it to make ugly stuff. I’d much rather make pretty stuff.

To Market

When I came up with a theme for this piece, I was thinking about wine labels and toiletry bottles. I was thinking about how smart marketers package their products to be appealing. And I thought that when we make art, we’re kind of doing the same thing. We’re marketing things to ourselves and to our watchers. I thought it might be fun to do a piece with no set storyline, but to instead put together a bunch of elements that resonate with me. So we have a piece with a lot of pretty things that appeal to me–butterflies, insect wings, ruffles, ribbon, lace, ornate frames, vintage paper… In other words, I marketed this just to myself.


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