Today, sugardaddies are on everybody’s mind…

Boy, if Mitt Rmoney wins the election, I wonder if he’ll even have time to do any proper presidentin’, what with all the billionaire dick he’ll be sucking.

The following are a few blurbs from the article, which, by the way, please to be reading…


How He Lives Owns two $9 million ski chalets in Aspen and a luxury apartment on Central Park. Has been feted by Fortuneas “a passionate defender of the one percent.”

THE TAX DODGER: Julian Robertson Jr.
What He Wants Unfairly low taxes. Robertson has embraced tax avoidance as a lifestyle: In 2000, despite living and working in Manhattan, he logged 182 days outside the city – often racing to flee town by midnight – to avoid paying local income tax. Also admits to seeking direct access to the president: “I would expect Mitt Romney to speak to me occasionally,” he has said.
THE BAIN BUDDY: Edward Conard

How He LivesOwns a $7 million triplex on the Upper East Side of New York. A Harvard MBA, Conard believes the economy is governed by “Darwinian survival of the fittest.”

I read things like this and I lose hope. Between this and the craven attempts to purge “the wrong people” from the voter rolls, I really do wonder if we’re living in any sort of democracy anymore.

I think the only thing that can soothe me is this picture:


4 thoughts on “Sugardaddies/Sugarbaby

  1. We have the illusion of democracy, and it’s brought to us at substantial (mcgravitas) expense.

    Birthday Boy is adorable, on the other hand.


  2. That look on his face is precious. He knows he’s the cuteation, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.

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