Are You Stinkers Buying My Art in Secret?

I keep selling prints–boom, boom, boom.

I think I’ve revealed before that I make next to no money selling these things; I’m in this purely for the glory and sweet, sweet validation and attention. (Love me, everybody!!!!) Anyway, seeing my stuff sell just makes me happy as clam. A clam with Photoshop!


Keeper of the Mushrooms

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

UPDATEROONI!!: Just sold this!

Of Sea


18 thoughts on “Are You Stinkers Buying My Art in Secret?

  1. I’m buying them with my invisibux$.

    Not generally accepted in stores.

    But congrats, nonetheless.

  2. I’m guessing that that interview got you some exposure which would naturally lead to more sales, of course. OF COURSE!!

    BTW, there is a happiness that is greater than the happiness of a clam.

    One day you will be as happy as two clams.

  3. i must go on record to say that i am highly…and i mean HIGHLY disappoint that there was no photoshopped clam in this post…

  4. HENGH???

    I bought one, but that was a while back & not very secret. It was/is amazeballs – but I wouldn’t dare ever say anything bad about your art because of YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I LIVE NOW, THAT’S WHY.

    Glad to hear that your art is starting to get some of the sales/love/drool/cheese-&-crackers/attention it deserves.

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