Big, Sparkly Wrongness

When I’m wrong, I like to be spectacularly wrong. I like to write breathless screeds based on insufficient evidence, all the while burnishing my feminist and funny gal credentials. I like to wear a big trucker hat that says “I’m a Moron” on it. I like to rub dookie in glitter and call it art. It’s just how I roll.

I wrote an entry a few days back pretty much ripping off Cracked‘s head and vomiting down its neck. I did so based on one article (that I never read) and some user-generated content. Granted, those two things I based my opinion on are   awful, but that still strikes me as a pretty iffy way to evaluate, well, anything. (I will never read the Wong article about misogyny because honestly the “We build things for you” sentiment makes me–as the sage Fry says– “literally angry with rage.”)


Luke McKinney recently wrote a piece about sexist comic book character outfits. Guess what happened next. No, guess. GUESS! You’ll never guess! Butthurt comictards came out to say “Nuh-uh” and “So what?” But this Luke fellow stuck to his guns and rebutted their dumb-as-fuck rebuttals. This is the sort of thing I should be applauding, not shitting on.

I was wrong. Doesn’t happen often. Enjoy it while you can.

13 thoughts on “Big, Sparkly Wrongness

  1. Shouldn’t that be “Im a moron” on it rather than “I’m a moron on it”? Or does your hat actually say “I’m a moron on it” on it?

  2. I like to write breathless screeds based on insufficient evidence


    P.S. I am not yet convinced that I was wrong. I’m Hardheaded, too!

      • We are the Champions!

        Yves Smith says:
        May 13, 2012 at 7:52 pm
        Looking at “data” presupposes you have the right data. You don’t.

        Read Chapters 7 and 9 and Appendix II of ECONNED. You are flat out wrong on your thesis and have engaged in classic “drunk under the streetlight” analysis. Or Charles Ferguson’s Predator Nation, coming out the week after next.

        Of the World!

      • You […] have engaged in classic “drunk under the streetlight” analysis
        Does this involve “soaking one’s trousers in urine while struggling to get one’s dick out to piss”? AFAF.

  3. But but but, Jonah’s book is….a BOOK!! So it must be true. Plus you can get a free copy when you sign up for the NRO. Which is classy.
    Being wrong on the internet is in the constatwoshun, innit?

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