My friends, I am on record stating that I am unequivocally pro-Sparkle. I love sparkle and many of my best friends are sparkly. Heck, I like to make some of my art sparkly. But this foul thing is an example of everything that is wrong with Big Sparkle. (Apologies to everyone who already saw me whinge about this on Facebook or Sadly, No. But, damn…ICK.)

Where's "fart?"

Where’s “fart?’ Oh, silly me. Farting would entail taking some sort of action, instead of just sitting around passively sparkling.

In other news, I posted this picture on Facebook:

Ladies. Check it out. My jeans were washed in ACID. Still I wear them like a MAN!

Which caused a couple of my friends to excitedly note that he bore a striking resemblance to this fellow:

Well, all the fuss has gone straight to Lord Chubbington’s butt. And now he’s just showin’ off.

It’s getting kind of ridiculous.

It’s RMF, if you want share a song or DJ with me


21 thoughts on “Sparklebutt

  1. Little duffer isn’t showing off- he’s merely inviting all & sundry to CONSIDER TEH BUTTOCKS … a matter which is always of primary value & importance.

  2. OMG there is a Plaboy Bunny History youtuber!! Who dares reads the comments? Not I.
    Also, an ass that like, the boy’s got to play Rugby

      • “More dangerous”? The number of ex-rugby players who damaged their brains so badly that they killed themselves after retiring is currently hovering somewhere around zero.

      • I don’t follow sports. Any sport. So what I know about rugby could fit on the head of a miniature pin. If its relatively safe, I’d b down with it. American football, however, is forbidden.

  3. On the shelf I have the hideously sexist Girl Talk Jenga, which I think someone should be fired for. However I bought it knowing what it was: it’s a combination of conversation and coordination and turn-taking that killed a few birds with one stone. I wish it wasn’t shit, as it’s an easy variation to the game that could be done in a completely neutral manner.

    I don’t think there’s a Boys Talk Jenga because it’s only ladies who are little chatterboxes dontcha know.

  4. Those vase pictures: it’s like he’s going “Nice China ya got here, lady. It would be a damn shame if someone took that book out from under them, wouldn’t it? A damn shame. Let’s talk about that extra helping of applesauce, shall we?”

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