A Quick Note on Marketing

Apparently, some folks are more than a little butthurt about Dems finally learning how to market their agenda to Americans. Yes, the “War on Women” is taking its toll on wingnuts, too.


But I think the phrase “War on Women” is genius, and I hope Dems double down on the strategy of using it. It’s simple, it’s memorable; that it has the benefit of accurately–if a bit hyperbolically–describing a real injustice is just icing on the cake. I wish progressives and Democrats took the opportunity to frame debates more often. Nine times out of ten, we fight these fights on wingnut terms.

You know what I’d like to see next? I’d like for Dems and liberals to begin saying things like

“I consider it my patriotic duty to pay taxes. Yes, it’s patriotic to pay taxes.”


“Taxes pay for a civilized society.”

These ideas are simple and easy to articulate; there’s no excuse not to Luntz these babies, like, yesterday.

Can you imagine a world where Republicans/wingnuts don’t have taxes to bleat about?


8 thoughts on “A Quick Note on Marketing

  1. It amazes me how catchy slogans can trump good ideas. The problem with the average voter is lack of attention span. Liberals tend to have long, nuanced policy positions that can’t typically be summed up in a sound byte. The typical schmo zones out, thinks “TL,DR” and votes for someone who will work to undermine them. That being said, it’s about time liberals started thinking up the short, snappy comeback.

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